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Colorado Rockies will increase ticket prices for 2018

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The Rockies have a lot planned for the 2018 season, including a bump in ticket prices

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Season ticket holders received a letter today from Colorado Rockies CEO Dick Monfort. In the letter, Monfort laid out the improvements that the Rockies are planning to make to Coors Field before the next season, as well as the unfortunate news that there will be a “modest price increase for 2018.”

The planned improvements for Coors Field include replacing the scoreboard with one that “is as unique as any in the game,” new ribbon scoreboards, improving the sound system, and better concessions for the Club Level. There is also an ambiguous “and more” at the end of the explanation of promised improvements that, let’s hope, will include the increased netting that has been discussed.

The Rockies have maintained some of the lowest ticket prices and most affordable MLB experiences, so a small increase to capitalize on the Rockies success this past season is hardly a surprise. Monfort promises that the increased revenue will hopefully allow them to sign the players necessary to advance deeper in the playoffs.