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MLB playoffs 2017: Updated World Series odds aren’t optimistic about the Rockies

Rockies are a long-shot for a World Series championship.

With the regular season over and the playoffs about to begin, Bovada updated their World Series odds to reflect the set playoff field. Unsurprisingly, the Indians are one of the favorites to win the World Series at 10/3. Perhaps a bit more surprisingly is that the Dodgers are tied with them for the best odds. While the Dodgers have had a great season, their play in September has had many doubting how far they can make it in the playoffs.

The Rockies are tied with the Twins for the worst odds to win the World Series with both checking in at 28/1. Considering that both teams are the second Wild Card in their respective leagues the odds are fair. However, neither team was expected to be in the playoffs at the beginning of the season and have proved their doubters (including the Vegas oddmakers) wrong. The Rockies will need to continue that trend if they want to win their first World Series trophy.

The complete odds for all ten playoff teams are:

Indians 10/3
Dodgers 10/3
Astros 9/2
Nationals 15/2
Red Sox 8/1
Cubs 8/1
Diamondbacks 14/1
Yankees 14/1
Twins 28/1
Rockies 28/1

The Rockies are also 112 run underdogs to the Diamondbacks in Wednesday’s NL Wild Card game with a +148 money line if you want to bet on them advancing to the NLDS.