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Purple Dinosaur Podcast’s first playoff edition!

From the Rockies’ mouths to your ear and a Wild Card preview with Mike Ferrin

For the first time since we started this plucky little podcast – the first and greatest Rockies podcast in history – four seasons ago, the Colorado Rockies are headed to the Major League Baseball Postseason. Sure, it's only one guaranteed game. Sure, it's in Phoenix. Sure, it's against a team they've already played 19 times this year. None of that matters, you wet blanket. It's the playoffs, and the Rockies are in it.

The first playoff edition of the PDP required the greatest episode in PDP history, and we are confident we have brought our A-game in that effort for you, dear listener. This episode is packed. You'll hear from Rockies ace and Wednesday's Wild Card Game starter Jon Gray. You'll hear from reliever Mike Dunn, who said he wanted to sign with the Rockies for just these moments. You'll hear from Kyle Freeland and Bud Black and Charlie Blackmon, and you'll listen back to how things sounded a year ago with the heart and soul of these Rockies, Nolan Arenado.

The D-backs are on tap, and we've got the authority on all things D-backs, Arizona pre- and postgame host Mike Ferrin, to break down the matchup.

It's playoff baseball. It's playoff baseball. It's playoff baseball.

It's the 118th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Pack it in your carry-on and take it to Phoenix with you!