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MLB World Series 2017: Astros-Dodgers matchup could be a classic

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Rockies news and links for October 22, 2017

Astros 4, Yankees 0: Houston punches ticket to the World Series | The Crawfish Boxes
Our friends at Crawfish Boxes have a quick recap of last night’s clincher. I'll be honest, I'm pretty pumped about this matchup. Both are fun and exciting 100-win teams.

Root for an Astros-Dodgers World Series | ESPN
This is the World Series we have, so even if you don't like the teams, here’s how to make the best of it. Sam Miller's argument is that the Astros are a historically good hitting team and the Dodgers are a historically good pitching team. That, obviously, should make for a great series.

Rockies 2017 review: Catching hinges on re-signing Jonathan Lucroy | The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders continues his position-by-position review of the 2017 Rockies. Jonathan Lucroy was, by far, the best the Rockies had behind the plate. Saunders makes the case for Lucroy's return, and he also notes that Lucroy is open to it. It will be really interesting to see how the market around Lucroy develops, given the roller coaster he's been on over the past 24 months.

BSN Rockies Podcast: Fishing for free agents
Drew Creasman discusses possible free agent gets for the Rockies, mostly regarding depth options.

Colorado Rockies reasons for 2018 excitement: Ian Desmond’s speed | Rox Pile
Take what you can get in that department, I suppose.