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Rockies’ Greg Holland voted NL Comeback Player of the Year

Colorado Rockies news, notes and link for Wednesday, October 25

Mike Moustakas, Greg Holland named SN Comeback Players of the Year | Sporting News
Greg Holland named SN Comeback Player of Year |

In what wasn't too much of a surprise, or even a close vote, Greg Holland was voted the Sporting News National League comeback player of the year by his fellow NL players. After missing all of 2016 while recovering from Tommy John surgery, Holland returned to his dominant closer self for the majority of the 2017 season. The Rockies success and struggles this past season matched season very closely and thankfully that was much more up than down. Mark Reynolds also received votes after his surprising 2017 campaign. Holland is also one of three finalist for the NL Comeback Player in the Players Choice Awards which are organized by the MLBPA.

Rockies 2017 review: Charlie Blackmon’s historic season powered outfield – The Denver Post

The Denver Post continue their positional breakdown of the 2017 Rockies with the outfield. Charlie Blackmon was obviously the star and Gerardo Parra's rebound was a nice surprise. However, past that it was mostly filled with disappointment as Ian Desmond, Carlos Gonzalez, David Dahl and Raimel Tapia all struggled to meet expectations for various reasons.

Charlie Blackmon in national spotlight with ESPN | Roxpile

In case you missed it, Charlie Blackmon was on ESPN a lot last night. He had seven appearances on the sports network and has six more today. It appears that our little Chuck Nazty is starting to become a national star.

Dodgers' homers back Clayton Kershaw in Game 1 |

The Dodgers won the first game of the World Series last night. Personally, I've always hoped that a World Series title would prove elusive for a team that outspends most of the other teams in baseball two-to-one. However, those hopes were probably always futile as the odds seriuosly favor a team that can make over $100M in mistakes in a given season and still field a a $150M roster of active players.