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Here’s your chance to make the Rockies better from the inside

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The Rockies advertise R&D position

One of my favorite baseball artifacts is Babe Ruth’s World War I draft card. Ruth lists “Base Ball” as his profession, and he has “Fenway Park” as his site of employment. It’s a fun piece of history from a time when athletes were basically everyday laborers. It’s probably not that common, but I sometimes imagine players like Charlie Blackmon googling the address to Coors Field when filling out his W-2.

National Archives at Atlanta

Now, you have the chance to join the ranks of Ruth and Blackmon and call a baseball stadium your office—just in a nerdier way. The Rockies’ Research and Development department is hiring a Full-Stack Developer. Because Purple Row readers are Rockies experts and bright minds to boot, the club asked us to spread the word.

Here’s the position summary:

The Colorado Rockies are currently seeking a full-time Full Stack Developer within the Baseball Research and Development Department. This individual will be a member of the Baseball Research and Development team and will assist in the continued development of the Rockies' proprietary Web Application along with the maintenance and development of proprietary databases and APIs. This position requires strong development skills and experience as well as a demonstrated ability for independent curiosity and a commitment to excellence while working within a team.

You can read the full job ad, with all the relevant and desirable skills, at the Rockies’ website. Applications are due November 10th. Go forth!