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MLB Playoffs 2017: Umpire assignments for Rockies-Diamondbacks Wild Card game announced

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Colorado Rockies news, notes and link for Tuesday, October 3

MLB: New York Mets at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Story has powerful history vs. Greinke |

While Zack Greinke is one of the best starting pitchers in baseball, the Rockies discovered his kryptonite last season when they decided to have Trevor Story break camp with the team out of Spring Training. In his MLB debut, he set the tone for what was a disappointing 2016 campaign for Greinke hitting a pair of home runs off of him. For his career, Story has gone 8-for-24 with four home runs including two more this season. While it's been a difficult season offensively for Story he has been hot in the month of September and will hopefully be able to continue that deep into October.

Here are your Wild Card and Division Series umpire assignments | HardballTalk

MLB announced the umpiring assignments for the Wild Card and Division Series today. The six-man crew for the Rockies game on Wednesday against the Diamondbacks will be:
HP - Jim Reynolds
1B - Gary Cederstrom (Crew Chief)
2B - Mark Carlson
3B - Chris Guccione
LF - Jordan Baker
RF - David Rackley

Who should throw the most important pitch for each playoff team? | ESPN

If the Rockies need exactly one out to win a game or escape the most difficult situation, who would you want throwing that pitch? ESPN's nominee for the Rockies is Pat Neshek and it's hard to argue with. The recently acquired reliever has been light's out for the Rockies other than a few games where he was the victim of some horrendous bad luck.

MLB Grading every postseason team's meme | ESPN

As far as antics go, the Rockies are a fairly bland team. ESPN asked our very own Bryan Kilpatrick what the Rockies meme was and the best answer he could come up with was Gerardo Parra's rosin escapades. Thankfully, their lack of a humorous but predictable routine should't have any effect on their ability to advance in the playoffs.

Predicting the 2017 MLB postseason |

Of the nine SBNation contributors, only one of them picked the Rockies to beat the Diamondbacks in tomorrow's game. Thankfully, it was the best of the bunch, Grant Brisbee, who made the right and correct prediction. The rest of them obviously don't know anything about baseball. Otherwise they would follow Grant's lead.