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Rockies react to Wild Card Game loss

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, October 5, 2017

D-backs beat Rockies in NL Wild Card Game |

Steve Gilbert and Thomas Harding have the nuts and bolts from last night's NL Wild Card game, including some of the good highlights (and more of the bad).

Rockies’ one-game postseason ends with bitter loss to Diamondbacks |The Denver Post

"In an emotional roller-coaster of a wild-card playoff game that mirrored their season, the Rockies lost 11-8 to Arizona Wednesday night at frenetic Chase Field." Hard to describe it any better than that.

Rockies reflect on season, big improvement |

Let's not sugarcoat it: that was an exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating, devastating game for Rockies fans to watch. Now, imagine playing in it, after such a successful if not tumultuous year. Even still, Thomas Harding got the reactions and reflections of all the major contributors from the visitor's clubhouse.

Gray’s day went south in a hurry in Rockies’ playoff loss at Arizona. They will wait to find their ace | The Denver Post

"There was not a baseball mitt big enough in the world for Jon Gray to hide behind here Wednesday night, but the Rockies right-hander tried, snuggling his face into a black Mizuno as his manager made a long walk to the mound." Jon Gray confirms what most of us could see on the mound on Wednesday night: the moment got to him. Despite the fact that Gray has pitched like an ace in 2017, that is exactly the reason (rightly or wrongly) why some people are hesitant to give him that label just yet. One can hope that after the Rockies next postseason win Gray and others look back on this wild game and say it helped them get better. For now, it hurts to watch these players hurt like that.

Arenado, Story homer in NL Wild Card Game |

Honestly, this was the sequence that made me want to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist, just in case, for today. After Archie Bradley's two-run triple--which, yes, really happened somehow--Nolan Arenado made like an MVP and hit a massive home run to centerfield followed immediately by Trevor Story's 234th career Chase Field home run (I'm guessing on that last figure). The bottom half of the inning was a little less fun. But Harding has reactions from everybody involved in a wild sequence.

Here’s what went wrong for the Rockies | BSN Rockies

In a game that finished with a final score of 11-7 it's not difficult to imagine that it comes down to pitching. But Jake Shapiro teases out the theme of the struggles of Rockies pitchers by talking to the players themselves, including the man behind the plate all night.

Bud Black postgame interview |

Full text of Bud Black's postgame press conference can be found here, in case you missed it live last night. Of course he says all the right things about his guys but then again what else can you say?

Rockies will hold off on new deal for Gonzalez | The Denver Post

Last night in the top of the ninth inning Carlos Gonzalez stepped to the plate and delivered a lined shot up the middle for an RBI single. It's altogether possible that it will be his last hit in a Rockies uniform. If so, a few things: (1) an appropriate way to go, assuming we couldn't get a bat drop homer, and (2) feels, man.

Fans Scouting Report 2017 | Purple Row FanShot

Give Tom Tango and Co. over at FanGraphs some love and contribute to their Fans Scouting Report for the 2017 season.