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Purple Row’s next inning

Purple Row is by and for Rockies fans—as always

I found Purple Row during the winter. Desperate to read something about the Rockies in the dead of the offseason, I found a place with dedicated and passionate writers and community members who were speaking my language. About a year after finding Purple Row, Bryan Kilpatrick invited me to join the staff as an assistant editor. That was almost three years ago. Hundreds of games, transactions, and posts later, I’ll now be taking over as Purple Row’s site manager, effective today.

There’s really not much else to say right now. Purple Row is going to continue to be the place you know and love. The site, after all, belongs to Rockies fans, not any one site manager or stable of writers (who are also fans, of course). Purple Row is going to continue to be the premier corner of the internet with the best Rockies’ analysis and commentary from the fan’s perspective.

And, it goes without saying, we’re going to do that 365 days a year. The baseball season’s about over, and it will be December soon. We’ll be here talking Rockies—stay a while.