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Colorado Rockies need to rebuild bullpen and offense

Colorado Rockies news, notes and link for Wednesday, November 1

Colorado Rockies: How far away are they from winning the pennant? | Roxpile

Our friends at Roxpile are very generously giving the Rockies till 2025 to win a World Series. Hopefully it won't take the Rockies that long to pull it off. The Rockies biggest need of once again rebuilding their bullpen is noted as they are losing three of their top arms to free agency is brought up.

However, I disagree with their hypothesis that without a strong bullpen they will still make a playoff spot on the back of their starting pitching and offense. The Rockies offensive production was not nearly as effective as the article states it was. The Rockies as a team were in the bottom 10 in the league in production and there will need to see some serious improvement on the offensive side of the ball if they can’t count on their bullpen to be a dominant force. While Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado did have spectacular seasons the team offense was far from great.

Marlins Hope To Trade Stanton, Gordon, Prado | MLB Trade Rumors

Giancarlo Stanton is firmly on the trade market and it appears the Marlins will be wanting their trade partner for him to pick up the entire tab on his massive contract. That may happen, but if it does it will severely limit the prospect return that they will get for him. The Marlins new leadership also seems to think that they'll be able to cut their salary down to their desired $90M mark by just offloading their undesired contracts, and while I wish them well, I have a feeling that the Marlins are going to struggle to achieve that and that it's going to cost them some of their more desirable young players in packages to offload the bad contracts like Martin Prado's.

Dodgers solve Justin Verlander, force Game 7 |

In what has already been one of the most thrilling World Series in recent memory, we will now be treated to a game 7 after the Dodgers came from behind to win game six in Los Angeles. Based on how the series has gone so far, this will hopefully be a wild ending to a wild postseason.