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This weird trick prevents Charlie Blackmon from hitting into double plays

Rockies news and links for November 10, 2017

Why does Blackmon hit into so few double plays |
Joe Posnanski has a fun article about a weird trait Charlie Blackmon has gained in his years. Blackmon doesn't really hit into double plays. After reading the title, my initial reaction was "well yeah he's a leadoff hitter in a high strikeout era." But Blackmon has hit into even fewer double plays than his leadoff peers as well.

Posnanski finds that the reason Blackmon hits into so few double plays is that "he comes up in double-play situations a freakishly small percentage of the time, even for a leadoff hitter." Blackmon simply doesn’t come to the plate very often in double play situations. Add to that his good but not great avoidance at double plays when he does come up and we have a low double-play rate. This isn't exactly evidence of Blackmon being great because it’s pretty contextual and teammate dependent, but Blackmon is still great.

Rockies' Shane Broyles turning heads in AFL |
Thomas Harding writes that Shane Broyles has a shot to be added to the Rockies' 40-man roster by November 20, thus protecting him from selection in the Rule 5 draft. Harding describes Broyles's growth in terms of his fastball, which he seems to be able to locate consistently on the outside of the plate. If Broyles is added to the 40, he'd be a good bet to get some relief work in the majors in 2018.

BSN Rockies Podcast: The best and worst of MLB ballparks
Among other things, Drew Creasman talks about the Rockies' reported interest in Eric Hosmer. Side note: Signing Eric Hosmer would be a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible idea.

Why the Giants probably aren’t going to spend a lot of money in free agency this offseason | McCovey Chronicles
This is essentially Grant Brisbee enumerating the ways in which the Giants won't be active on the free agent market. Implicitly, it's also about the ways in which the Giants might be bad again next year. It's a good read for all those reasons!

MLB Free Agency: Colorado Rockies and the relief pitcher market | Purple Row
Wondering what the Rockies can and should do to fill in their bullpen this offseason? Hayden Kane has you covered.

Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon win Silver Slugger awards | Purple Row
Nolan Arenado collects a Silver Slugger to go along with his Gold Glove. That makes three consecutive Silver Suggers for Nolan. Charlie Blackmon wins the award for the second straight season.