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Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado wins Platinum Glove for first time

Rockies news and links for November 12, 2017

Rockies’ Nolan Arenado wins Platinum Glove as National League’s best defender | The Denver Post
Winning Gold Gloves is quickly becoming just the thing that happens after every season for Nolan Arenado. But he's never won the Platinum Glove, awarded to the best overall defender in each league. That is, not until this year. Arenado won the award for the National League, while Minnesota's Byron Buxton won it for the American League. It is my humble opinion that the next award Arenado should get is a blank check from the Rockies.

Hartford Yard Goats Named No. 1 By Ballpark Digest | Hartford Courant
I suppose Dunin' Donuts Park was worth waiting for, as that was the reason the Yard Goats won this obscure to me award. Good on them!

How you felt about the 2017 season | FanGraphs
Jeff Sullivan polled FanGraphs’ readers about their feelings of the past season, broken down by team. The options ranged from “very good” to “pretty bad.” Votes for the Rockies, as you’d expect, were pretty great. Rockies fans’ collectively voted for about a 4.5/5, between “pretty good” and “very good.” Making the postseason is fun for everyone!

2018 free agents (part 1) | Baseball Prospectus ($)
Bryan Grosnick is ranking the top 50 free agents, along with predictions for landing spots. Like the MLB Trade Rumors’ list, he thinks Greg Holland is going to sign elsewhere, that “where” being St. Louis. Also like the MLB Trade Rumors’ list, he thinks that the Rockies are going to re-sign Jonathan Lucroy. Grosnick writes: “Lucroy has value to many teams on the free agent market, but the need and the prior relationship means that the Rockies are the most snug fit.”