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Your Thanksgiving just got better: A fresh Purple Dino Podcast is here

Let’s talk baseball and pies

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's Thanksgiving Week, so you know what that means for the ol' PDP. Craig Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus joins the show to dive headlong into his epic annual #PieNight spectacular. Craig's #PieNight2017 features some old favorites as well as bold new entrants into the Goldstein pie orbit. We'll cover it all.

Plus, as with any episode with Craij, we talked for about an hour and covered topics from why Adrien Brody is banned from hosting Saturday Night Live to the Braves' substantial punishment from Major League Baseball for their transgressions on the international market.

Finally, we wind down this week's episode with what we're most thankful for in the world of the Rockies and baseball. Maybe you made the list! You probably didn't. But you could have! Maybe you did! Odds But it's a possibility! Better tune in and find out. And as always, wherever you found us, we appreciate you tuning in and downloading and subscribing and rating and reviewing and all of that. We love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!