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Happy Thanksgiving, Purple Row!

Being thankful for the Rockies for November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Purple Row!

(Well, at least to our American contingent of fans; our Canadian friends had Thanksgiving a few weeks ago).

For many Americans, Thanksgiving Day is all about football, feasting on pumpkin pie and turkey, and navigating tricky conversations with family. That’s all well and good, but lest we forget, the whole point of Thanksgiving as a national holiday is a communal expression of gratitude. As such, let today’s Rockpile be an opportunity to give thanks specifically for the 2017 Colorado Rockies as an internet community.

In case you need some help, we posed the question yesterday on Twitter and got some great responses. We also asked what everyone hopes they’ll be thankful for this time next year.

First of all, David Hutchinson expresses gratitude that hits on a number of levels.

We’re glad Chad Bettis made it back as well (#TogetherforBettis). But there was also plenty on the field to be thankful for.

This was a major theme running through our responses. Similarly, a lot of people had a very particular individual for whom they were thankful.

Thankfulness with a dash of salt.

What’s that? Is it Hall of Fame voting season?

Well all aboard: we’re going to cover this particular subject from top to bottom.

Look, it’s a long season and sometimes you need something a little, shall we say, off kilter to keep things fun.

Finally, some international flavor:

Thanks Niki! Just in case we don’t say it often enough, we’re thankful for all of you, both on Twitter and on this little site. Oh, and sorry those of you abroad don’t have today off work.

Tell us: what are you thankful for from the 2017 Rockies season? What are you looking forward to most in 2018?