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MLB Free Agency: Rockies show interest in Jake Arrieta

Rockies news and links for November 26, 2017

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Sunday Baseball Notes | Boston Globe
Nick Cafardo reports that the Rockies are among five teams known to have “checked in” on Jake Arrieta with his agent, Scott Boras. Arrieta is a right-handed starting pitcher who will enter his age 32 season in 2018. He won the Cy Young award in 2015. If the Rockies really do pursue Arrieta, they’d be making a big investment in the rotation, which seems like an area of strength for the team. MLB Trade Rumors predicts that Arrieta will land a $100 million contract.

This doesn’t seem like a great idea. Arrieta was dominant in 2015, but he’s been pretty average over the past couple of seasons. His workload has trended downward while his ERA has been going the other direction. If the Rockies have limited dollars to spend on long-term free agents and extensions, they’d be best not to spend a bunch of it on a pitcher who might only end up being the third best pitcher in the rotation in 2018.

Rockies' Story, Bettis raise hurricane relief |
Chad Bettis and Trevor Story joined together to raise hurricane relief money for their home state of Texas. Together, Bettis and Story raised over $18,000 to assist Houston as it recovers from Hurricane Harvey, which hit the city in mid-August.

Should the Giants trade for Giancarlo Stanton? | McCovey Chronicles
I really have to commend Grant Brisbee for just how much he's written about the zig-zaggy ties between the Giants and Giancarlo Stanton. He does, it must be said, have real material to work with. Mark Feinsand of stated that the Giants are the favorites to secure Stanton.

Here, Brisbee wonders whether or not the Giants should even be interested in Stanton. On the one hand, the Giants have a lot of holes, and despite his size the only one Stanton would be able to fill is the right-handed power one. That, and the NL MVP will cost a boat in prospects and a load in money. On the other hand, Stanton is amazing and what right-minded Giants fan wouldn't want to watch him every day?

Starting pitchers that could contribute to the 2018 team as relievers | AZ Snake Pit
If any of these possible attempts result in more Archie Bradleys, I'm against it. I don't want any more relievers hitting their sole career triple against the Rockies.