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MLB Offseason 2017: Nothing is happening yet for the Rockies or anyone else

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, November 29

National League Wild Card Game - Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Four reasons why MLB's Hot Stove is lukewarm |

Jeff Passan takes his turn at trying to explain why the offseason is moving at a pace that would make a sloth envious of it's creep. He doesn't believe the pending Shohei Ohtani or Ginacarlo Stanton transactions are to blame and instead provides four alternative solutions. The fact that more articles are being written about the pace of the offseason than about actual transactions says everything one needs to know about this offseason.

Charlie Blackmon Changes Agents | MLB Trade Rumors

It's tough to know how this could impact between negotiations between the Rockies and their star outfielder. This could be a move that helps a long-term deal come together this offseason or could also signal that Blackmon is preparing for his upcoming free agency.

The fact that this is the biggest news this so far offseason for the Rockies continues to drive home the fact how dead this offseason is.

Colorado Rockies Name Warren Schaeffer Hartford Yard Goats New Manager |

The Rockies Double-A affiliate has a new manager and it's an old name for those who have followed the Rockies organization closely. Schaeffer spent six years in the minor league system and while he never put up stellar numbers it appears that he made the kind of impact off the field that opens up doors as a coach after one's minor league career.

DJ LeMahieu is the most underrated player in the MLB | Roxpile

JD Jensen makes the case for DJ LeMahieu being the most underrated player in baseball. He uses runs scored as his major argument and sadly that's probably the worst case to make. While runs are an important team stat, for a player like DJ they are more of a reflection on being able to hit in front of Nolan Arenado than anything else.