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MLB Free Agency 2017: Brandon Morrow could boost the Rockies bullpen

Rockies news and links for November 3, 2017

2017-2018 Top 50 MLB Free Agents with Predictions | MLB Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors released their top 50 free agents, along with predicted landing spots and salary. Tim Dierkes authored the list, and it includes a few notable Rockies references. First, let’s start with the players on the 2017 Rockies. Greg Holland comes in as the number 10 free agent here, and they predict him landing with the Cardinals four four-years at $50 million. If that’s the price tag for Holland, the Rockies should definitely pass. Holland was great, even though he suffered through a bad month, but the Rockies can’t really afford to take such a big gamble on a reliever. Hard pass.

Next up, Dierkes thinks that Tyler Chatwood will land with the Phillies at three-years and $20 million. It would be a pretty good price for a starting pitcher, and it would make sense for Philadelphia to get a decent veteran to fill in as they rebuild. Given the Rockies starting pitcher depth, it’s unlikely he’ll be back in Denver. So if it’s not the Phillies, it will be someone else outside of Colorado.

They rank Carlos González as the number 40 free agent, and the prediction is that he’ll end up with the Orioles on a one-year contract worth $12 million—about $5 million less than the qualifying offer salary. This, to me, makes a lot of sense. CarGo seems like an Oriole.

Now, for the players they predict the Rockies will sign. First up is Jonathan Lucroy. This makes a ton of sense, and it should definitely happen. They predict a two-year contract worth $24 million. If that’s on the table, the Rockies should jump at it.

Maybe the most intriguing prediction is that MLB Trade Rumors suggests the Rockies and Brandon Morrow could be a good fit. They peg that contract at three years and $24 million. Morrow could fill the Pat Neshek role. He’d be more expensive, but Morrow will be 33 in 2018, whereas Neshek will be 38. I’d still rather the Rockies go after Addison Reed, but he could be demanding a Holland-like contract.

The Rockies are mentioned as possible fits for a bunch of other players as well. Check out the whole list.

2018 World Series odds: Astros 6-1 to repeat but Dodgers open as favorites | CBS Sports

The Rockies are listed as 40-1 odds to win the World Series. Place your bets!

Steve Foster helps develop Rockies' fastballs |

Thomas Harding writes about the plan Steve Foster brings to the Colorado Rockies rotation. Namely, stick with the heater. Harding notes that the Rockies not only have pitchers who, at least at the moment, rely heavily on the fastball, but they also have pitchers who throw it at a high speed. They were second in the majors in average fastball speed in 2017, at 94.2 mph.

Ranking the MLB teams ahead of the offseason | ESPN

The way too early power rankings are, indeed, way too early. The Rockies come in 15th here. The skepticism is rightly placed on the offense, and they leave it with this teasing sentence: "How about a Giancarlo Stanton trade?" Hm.

Los Angeles Angels agree to terms with outfielder Justin Upton on a five-year contract | ESPN

The offseason has officially arrived. Juston Upton opted out of the final four years of his contract with the Detroit Tigers and signed a five-year, $106 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels. If anybody wants to push for the Rockies to extend Charlie Blackmon, this Upton deal should be viewed as the minimum of what it would take to sign Blackmon long-term.