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Colorado Rockies pursuing marginal upgrades while division rivals pursue Giancarlo Stanton

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, November 30, 2017

Rockies' German Marquez will use his changeup |

Thomas Harding has a great little catch-up with German Marquez. Reminds me of a time when most of the baseball internet was bewailing the Corey Dickerson Trade. If Marquez is able to refine his arsenal in 2018, there's no doubt it will be The German Marquez Trade from now on.

How the Rockies can shore up their most mysterious position | BSN Rockies

Spoiler alert: it's catcher. Rich Allen breaks down the catcher market for the Rockies. While there are a couple of interesting options listed, he's probably right in saying Jonathan Lucroy would be the ideal.

The case for getting Eric Hosmer | Roxpile

Earlier this week we published a desperate plea to the Rockies to not sign Eric Hosmer. Naturally, someone needed to run the counterpoint and Noah Yingling is here to make the case. I'll let you read both and decide for yourself but one thing to point out is this: if you're talking about giving $20 million plus per year to someone to play for the Rockies and his name isn't Nolan Arenado, he better hit a heck of a lot better than rookie year Tulo.

Purple Row

MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox in talks with teams about Jose Abreu | Purple Row

Could the Rockies be one of the unnamed teams?

Brendan Rodgers leads Baseball Prospectus top 10 | Purple Row

There’s still plenty of talent left in the Rockies farm system. You know, in case you thought the Rockies had graduated too much talent over the past two years.

Around the NL West, or Giancarlo Stanton Rumors

The Giants might be willing to take on Stanton’s entire contract in a trade | McCovey Chronicles

Look, it would be super annoying to have to play Giancarlo Stanton three times more often than we have been, but I've gotta say, thinking about them having to take on all of that contract makes me pretty excited for the long term future of the Giants franchise.

The Dodgers can’t really let Stanton get away, can they? |

This possibility, however, has me a little less excited, since the Dodgers are still paying Andre Ethier, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford good money, and yet they waltzed to the World Series last year. Any disadvantages of taking on Giancarlo Stanton's contract would likely be mitigated.

Oh, and that's two (2) Grant Brisbee pieces in one Rockpile, so, you're welcome.

Arizona Diamondbacks Review: #10, Fernando Rodney | AZ Snake Pit

Hey, y'all.