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Pat Neshek will autograph your blog post, apparently

Rockies news and links for November 4, 2017

Pat Neshek will autograph a printed out blog post if you mail it to him | Deadspin

In September, Deadspin reported that Pat Neshek wasn’t too happy that Zack Greinke refused to give him an autograph. Now, they report that Neshek, possibly in an attempt to gain karmic goodness, autographed and returned a printed out blog post for a Deadspin reader. The reader just sent it to the PO Box listed on Neshek’s website. There’s no guarantee he’ll return all printed out blog posts, but I do know where you can find some if you want to print them out—a little place called purple row dot com.

BSN Rockies Podcast: Bryan Kilpatrick on the history of Purple Row and future of the Rockies
Drew Creasman talked to Bryan Kilpatrick, who has written a thing or two for Purple Row, about his long-term involvement with the site. They also talk Rockies, naturally. Give it a listen.

Almonte, Ferris named All-Stars for the Arizona Fall Star game | Rox Pile

Starting pitcher Yency Almonte and reliever James Ferris were named to the AFL All-Star team. You’ll hear a lot more about Almonte as the season approaches. He’s poised to be a key part of the Rockies’ rotation depth.