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The pro and con of the Rockies pursuing Ichiro in free agency

Rockies news and links for November 5, 2017

Could Ichiro fit into the 2018 plans? | Rox Pile

Kevin Henry floats the idea of Ichiro, a newly minted free agent, serving as a fourth outfielder and pinch-hitter for the Rockies. It doesn’t seem likely, but I’m there for it. The 44-year old Ichiro isn’t nearly as good as he used to be, but he’s one of the best and most fun hitters of his generation. But fun and nostalgia would be most of what Ichiro would bring. The primary argument against going after him is that it would be too depressing to have to DFA him in the middle of the season—that would, unfortunately, be a likely scenario.

Nolan Arenado's defense could net many awards | is handing out some sponsored awards (if you can figure out just who is sponsoring them let me know because I can't tell), and it's worth your time to go over and vote. Even if you don't vote, watch the play Nolan Arenado is nominated for a few times. It was the one in San Francisco he knocked down, wrangled the ball, and threw out a runner from his butt. It was a great play that possibly doesn't crack his top 5. While you're there, also vote for Nolan for best defensive player.

The #RoadTo100 put the Rockies on a path much like the Atros | Mile High Sports

The Astros of 2014 and the Rockies of 2017 aren’t perfectly analogous, but the Astros did make smart decisions and hit on some key draft picks to secure their first World Series victory. There’s enough there that a comparison between the two isn’t crazy.