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Happy birthday to the greatest player in Rockies history, Larry Walker

Now, about the Hall of Fame

There’s a difference between the greatest player in Rockies history and the greatest Rockies player. I’ve made the case before that while Todd Helton is, without a doubt, the greatest Rockies player, Larry Walker is the greatest player in Rockies history. It’s a fine but meaningful distinction. (I still maintain that position, though a certain third baseman is leading to some serious doubts.) With confidence, I can still say that Larry Walker is the best player to ever wear a Colorado Rockies uniform.

Oh, and also, today is Larry’s birthday! Happy birthday, Larry! Thanks for all of the entertainment and fun over the nine years you donned purple. Those of us lucky enough to see you play either in person or in real-time will remember how invincible you were in 1997. We’ll also question whether or not you had a canon surgically implanted in your right arm. We’ll also assume the great pleasure of relaying those details to Rockies fans who don’t remember those years.

It’s selfish to want to give somebody a gift that they probably want but you definitely want. In the case of Walker, what we as a community want is for Walker to be rightly enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We can’t give you that—us not being the electorate and all. But we can sure as hell make sure everyone knows exactly why we want it. Keep two eyes on Purple Row for much, much more on that theme.