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MLB free agency: Bryan Shaw could help the Rockies’ bullpen

Rockies news and links for December 10, 2017

World Series - Cleveland Indians v Chicago Cubs - Game Five Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Two Teams Have Made Offers To Bryan Shaw | MLB Trade Rumors
One of those two teams appears to be the Mets, but the other is a mystery. There’s no indication at all that it’s the Rockies, but since the Rockies are in the market for relievers, let’s look at Bryan Shaw and how well he might fit with the Rockies.

Shaw is a 30-year-old right-handed reliever who relies heavily on a cut-fastball but complements it with a slider about a fifth of the time. Prior to 2016 Shaw’s fastball averaged around 93 mph; however, over the past two seasons he’s added a tick and a half to his cutter. It now averages about 94.5 mph. The reward has been more strikeouts. Over his first five seasons, which he spent with Arizona and Cleveland, he struck out 7.6 batters per nine innings. But over the last two seasons he’s upped that to 8.9 strikeouts per nine.

Shaw has been especially good over the past four seasons, as he’s posted ERA+’s of 151, 146, 140, and 130. And while Shaw isn’t an extreme groundballer, 55% of the balls in play he induced in 2017 were on the ground. That was a career high for him.

In other words, he’s been as good over the past four seasons as Holland McGee were in 2017. So, yeah, he could fit with the Rockies. MLB Trade Rumors projected Shaw to earn a three-year contract worth $21 million.

Rockies hot stove needs include a closer like Wade Davis, power at first | Denver Post
Shaw is one of the few big reliever free agents Patrick Saunders doesn’t mention here, as he goes through the Rockies' major remaining needs. It doesn't sound like Saunders thinks the Rockies are going to bring back either of their bullpen free agents, Holland, McGee, and Pat Neshek. He notes that the Rockies have already talked to free agents Wade Davis and Brandon Kintzler, and he mentions guys like Addison Reed, Tony Watson, and Brandon Morrow as other free agent possibilities. Zach Britton and Alex Colomé are possible trade targets. The funny thing about relievers is that Scott Oberg very well might end up the Rockies' closer and end up having a better season than all of these admittedly enticing names.

As far as the "power at first" tease, Saunders only mentions Jay Bruce, who has been linked to the Rockies.

Giancarlo Stanton is accepting a trade to the Yankees, not the Dodgers | McCovey Chronicles
Rockies and Giants fans can agree that it's a good thing Giancarlo Stanton isn't going to play for the Dodgers. Still, it's sad that Stanton won't make an annual visit to Coors Field as a visitor anymore.

Free agency rumor grade: Eric Hosmer meets with Padres |
Do it, Preller.