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MLB free agency: Rockies are interested in Carlos Santana

They are among a number of teams interested in the first baseman.

As they look to address their need for a power bat, the Colorado Rockies are interested in free agent first baseman Carlos Santana. Patrick Saunders reports that the Rockies are among a number of teams interested in the switch hitting Santana’s services, including the Cleveland Indians.

Santana would represent a clear upgrade for the Rockies at first base. He would be a good fit because of his profile as a hitter, one that has translated to consistent power numbers over the last number of seasons. Santana also has strong on-base skills and can handle the position defensively. Presuming a reasonable price, Santana would be a great fit and a better deal than a more expensive option, such as fellow free agent Eric Hosmer.

It might be that Santana is not such a bargain, however. If there are a number of teams involved, his price might go up. Not only that, but Santana has a qualifying offer attached to him. If the Rockies sign him, they’ll have to give up either their second round pick or their Competitive Balance Round A pick.

It remains to be seen what the Rockies’ threshold is in that regard, and if they can make a competitive offer for Santana.