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MLB rumors: Rockies reportedly targeting Wade Davis for closer

The Rockies might be shooting high in their search for a new closer.

The Colorado Rockies need a new closer, and it looks like they have set their sights on the top of the market to fill that void. The team is reportedly interested in Wade Davis, indicating a willingness on their part to potentially spend big on a longer term deal for their new closer.

Davis is their “primary target” according to Troy Renck. This comes a day after Ken Rosenthal had specifically mentioned Davis as a reliever of interest for the Rockies. Renck notes that it will likely take a fourth year to get a deal done. With Davis being 32 years old combined with the risk of giving any reliever that kind of deal, the Rockies are potentially showing a willingness to go big and bold to land a new closer.

Davis is coming off a predictably outstanding season as the closer for the Chicago Cubs. He logged a 2.30 ERA and a 12.1 K/9 mark en route to 32 saves. Prior to his time in Chicago, Davis pitched a number of outstanding seasons for the Kansas City Royals. He was a setup man and then transitioned to closer when Greg Holland got hurt.

Speaking of Holland, Davis shares a connection with the Rockies’ 2017 closer. They both worked with Rockies’ pitching coach Steve Foster while in Kansas City. That connection could help bolster Jeff Bridich’s case as he appeals to either of the sought-after free agent relievers.

In a different year, it might have seemed like the Rockies had no chance to land the top free agent relief pitcher available. This winter is different; this team is ready to win now, and it appears they are willing to take the risk of spending big in the bullpen to prove it.