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Coors Field will soon be next to a “stadium district”

Rockies news and links for December 2, 2017

An Entire City Block is Transforming into a “Stadium District” Next to Coors Field | 303 Magazine

The Colorado Rockies will soon offer a fan experience similar to the one found around other parks, often the newer ones, where there is an area nearby with related entertainment. The “Stadium District” will include restaurants and hotels and those sorts of amenities in addition to a Rockies Hall of Fame.

No word yet on how the Coors factor will affect those honored in the team’s Hall of Fame.

Greg Holland named NL Comeback Player of Year |

I think he already was? Or was that something different? Man, these awards. Either way, whether this was his first or second comeback player of the year award, Holland earned it with his record-setting season in 2017 as the Rockies’ closer.

The Takes Are Still Hot, but MLB’s November Stove Is As Cold As Ever | The Ringer

Relevant to the Rockies as much as any other team, there just has not been much action this winter. Maybe that will change once Giancarlo Stanton is traded or when the Shohei Ohtani situation is settled. It’s still worth noting how much teams are willing to wait on free agents, sometimes waiting until close to the spring to move on significant names. We’ll see if a couple big names moving will get the ball rolling, and then we’ll hope the Rockies don’t do something weird.

MLB Players Ought to Fight for a Payroll Floor | FanGraphs

The reason the “cold stove” is starting to get even more attention is because there is concern that the lack of action in free agency is a developing problem. Travis Sawchik considers the possibility of a payroll floor for teams and even notes some potential labor strife if that or some other solution is not found.

Cardinals meeting with Giancarlo Stanton’s agents today | Viva El Birdos

I bet you were sick of those Stanton to the Giants rumors. Well here you go—Stanton to the Cardinals rumors are only slightly less annoying. At least he wouldn’t be in the division.