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2 less than obvious free agent fits for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for December 22, 2017

Lorenzo Cain could help the Rockies in a hidden area of need | Purple Row

At this point in the offseason, with a pretty well-rounded bullpen, the Rockies might want to start considering looking for someone who can swing a bat. One option might be unsigned Lorenzo Cain, formerly the centerfielder for the Kansas City Royals. This would be an affordable pickup in the current, somewhat stagnant market. On top of this, the Rockies’ outfield was average defensively last year, and adding Cain could bolster the ranks. They would be adding another above-average hitter, something the offense can hardly say no to.

One issue that might arise with this pickup is the placement of Charlie Blackmon. As Coors Field’s resident centerfielder, Blackmon might provide some resistance. It would have to be handled delicately, but it might be worth the trouble. Pushing Blackmon to left or right field and putting Cain in center could help round out the outfield.

Colorado Rockies: A Tim Lincecum comeback possibility? | Rox Pile

Of late, Tim Lincecum has been something of a mystery. After a dismal nine games in the 2016 season, he basically dropped off the face of the baseball world. No one heard from him, but like any good comeback, he resurfaced through social media. Adam Ottavino posted a picture on Lincecum on Instagram, proving that Lincecum is still very much in baseball shape. Given that he never announced that he would retire, we can reasonably assume that Lincecum might return for the 2018 season. And since it was Ottavino who shared this information, we have ourselves a dot that connects him to someone who the Rockies employ.

The Colorado Rockies are interested in reliever Addison Reed | Rox Pile

The Rockies are still working toward polishing off their bullpen, and in addition to Greg Holland and Wade Davis, they are also looking into Addison Reed. Their efforts toward a “super bullpen” might come to fruition with Reed, who in 2017 had an ERA of 2.84 with 19 saves. Reed could serve as a closer, but he might also be successful as a setup man, depending on who else the Rockies choose to put on the team.

Around Baseball

As teams cut costs this winter, middle-class free agents are left out in the cold | ESPN

With the new rules surrounding collective bargaining and how teams spend money, there are certain players who are getting the short end of the stick. These are the players who are not superstars, but are veterans who can still deliver. There are currently some 150 unsigned “middle-class” free agents, who will most likely have to sign deals far below the level they were hoping for. Although the MLB does not have a clear-cut salary cap, meeting the competitive balance tax provides a challenge for teams trying to sign new players while also being able to pay their current players a decent salary. And who gets left out in the cold? Middle of the road players.

Mariners sign Juan Nicasio | MLB Trade Rumors

In the series of relief pitchers to be signed so far, former Rockies reliever and old friend Juan Nicasio has signed a two-year contract with the Seattle Mariners.