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MLB offseason: Where Rockies rumors stand

Rockies news and links for December 27, 2017

Colorado Rockies rumors: The latest post-Christmas update | Rox Pile

As we dive headfirst toward the New Year, let’s take a look at how things currently sit with the Rockies. Some folks speculated on the kinds of things now free agent Adrian Gonzalez could bring to Denver; however, GM Jeff Bridich has confirmed with’s Thomas Harding that the team is, in fact, not going to pursue anything with Gonzalez. That leaves the question of what is to be done at first base open—an answer to which many of us Rockies fans are anxiously awaiting.

There is still interest in bringing back Greg Holland, but things are moving pretty slowly on that front. Wade Davis and Addison Reed are still in the mix, and any combination of those three would spell good things for the Rockies bullpen.

The rumors surrounding Jay Bruce and the Rockies have quieted down, and lately it seems like he is leaning more toward the San Francisco Giants. Bruce could potentially serve as a replacement for Carlos Gonzalez, so we shall have to wait and see on that front as well.

I’m fully on board with the Rockies working towards shoring up the bullpen, but I, like many others, am very curious to see who can be signed to fill in the other positions we need on the field.

Colorado Rockies: Should they trade Charlie Blackmon to Texas? | Rox Pile

James LaGrow speculates on what kind of moves the Rockies could possibly make with their current powerhouses: Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado, etc. Would signing Blackmon long-term mean risking losing Arenado? Should the Rox let Blackmon go and invest in Ramiel Tapia and David Dahl more?

But Chuck Nazty is a Denver favorite. With his iconic beard, catchy walk-up song, and all-star performance, he has won many of us over. I, for one, would hate to say goodbye.

Around Baseball

Legendary sports broadcaster Dick Enberg dies at age 82 | SB Nation

After a distinguished broadcasting career, Dick Enberg passed away in his California home. Over the past fifty years behind the microphone, Enberg shared his signature “Oh my” for not only the MLB, but for the NFL, the NBA, college basketball, golf, and tennis. He retired in 2016, following his induction in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015.

This minor league baseball player paid off his parents’ mortgage for Christmas | SB Nation

Showing up sons and daughters all over the world, Pavin Smith gave his parents the Christmas gift of home ownership. The first baseman for the Hillsboro Hops, a minor league team for the Diamondbacks, used a part of his contract to pay off his parents’ mortgage. As someone who gave her dad a balloon animal kit this year, I’ve got to hope that I can someday give the people who’ve loved and supported me this kind of gift.