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MLB Offseason: Rockies preparing for Winter Meetings

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rockies to feel no pressure at Winter Meetings |

As long as this means "sign a moderately priced catcher and improve bullpen depth" and not "shell out millions of dollars for a guy who excels at hitting ground balls," then I'm all aboard this gravy train. That said, I hope they come back from Orlando with something more than a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

Jeff Bridich on Story, Desmond, Arenado and Blackmon | Denver Post

Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich believes that shortstop Trevor Story could be on the verge of a breakout season, is confidant Ian Desmond will bounce back from a disappointing 2017 season and doesn't think long-term contract decisions will interfere with building his 2018 club. He also mentions that long term contracts for Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon aren’t out of the question. This is a welcome development that must turn into a reality (or at least half of one).

What Do You Think of Your Team’s Front Office? | FanGraphs Baseball

There seems to be a consensus (the numbers don't lie) that Rockies fans tend not to visit FanGraphs very much. You all may have your reasons for that and I'm not going to judge. But today, make an exception and help good ol' Jeff Sullivan out and tell him what you think of Jeff Bridich and co.

Bettis earns prestigious Conigliaro Award |

I can't claim to know too much about the rest of the baseball world outside of the local nine. Even still, I believe you'd be hard pressed to find a better individual story than that of Chad Bettis and his return to the mound from testicular cancer. The Boston chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America agrees and, as such, will recognize Bettis on January 18. Thomas Harding has more details.

Rockies' Dahl to play in 2018? | Roxpile

Remember David Dahl? Here's his Baseball-Reference page if you don't recall. He actually existed, I promise. There's like, evidence and stuff. Anyway, don't forget that he may actually be healthy enough to contribute to this team next year. He could be a key factor in helping the Rockies back to the postseason promised land.

An updated look at what the Rockies roster should look like in 2018 | BSN Denver

Jake Shapiro plays around with some monopoly money to construct the 2018 roster, using a combination of pipe-dream transactions (Yasmani Grandal, as great as he is, likely won't be traded to a division rival, no matter how good the fit) and reasonable approximations of contracts to build a $140 million 25-man roster.

Purple Row

Larry Walker had a Hall of Fame personality | Purple Row

Continuing Larry Walker Week, check out part of what makes Larry Walker so lovable for so many.

FanPost Friday: Why I Love Larry Walker - Purple Row

Speaking of lovable, don't forget to share with us your favorite thing, moment, memory, or performance from Larry Walker in a FanPost. Mine: his official nickname on Baseball-Reference is "Booger." Look it up.

Around the NL West

The dual pursuits of Ohtani and Stanton | True Blue LA

The Dodgers are one of the seven finalists in the courtship of Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani, and are at least on the periphery of trade talks for Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Consider this a reminder that it's good to have a lot of money and the Rockies aren't one of those teams.

The Dodgers are still interested in trading for Stanton | McCovey Chronicles

Oh, and if the Dodgers don't get Stanton, it's in fact almost likely that the Giants could get him. So sleep well, my friends.

Finding Ohtani’s at-bats: How can the Padres maximize a two-way player? | Gaslamp Ball

Then again, if he goes to the Padres (and especially if they use this plan) I'm going to be more than moderately interested. And a little bemused as well. It'll answer the question "How much difference can one baseball player make to a team?" once and for all.

Diamondbacks re-sign LHP TJ McFarland | AZ Snake Pit

Hot stove be burnin', y'all.