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Colorado Rockies unlikely to make big move at Winter Meetings

Rockies news and links for December 9, 2017

Rox big splash didn't pay off in '01 Meetings |

You remember the time that then-general manager Dan O’Dowd signed Mike Hampton? Of course you do. It’s a deal that will continue to be referred to as a cautionary tale for the Colorado Rockies. It is the case against overspending on free agents, especially pitchers, for a franchise that can’t afford to be saddled by those contracts when they go sideways.

You know who else remembers signing Hampton and realizes it was a bad idea? Dan O’Dowd. I guess he felt like he hadn’t made Rockies fans mad in a while, so here he tells Thomas Harding that he “didn’t feel great” about signing Hampton at the time. Woof.

Jeff Bridich has obviously gone a different route building organizational depth. Between this retrospective and Harding’s previous reporting about the Rockies being “calm and calculated” at the Winter Meetings, we shouldn’t expect a lot of big spending or juicy rumors. And that’s just fine.

Giancarlo Stanton reportedly traded to the New York Yankees

The Miami Marlins have a deal to send the slugger to New York, according to Jon Heyman. Noteworthy here, of course, because if Stanton approves the deal it means he will not be coming to the NL West. MLB Trade Rumors has a breakdown of the different moving pieces before a deal is done. We can almost breathe a sigh of relief.

Colorado Rockies: Why is a poor record predicted for 2018? | Rox Pile

Projection systems might not necessarily be sold on the team’s success last season. Kevin Henry takes a look at one poor projection for next season and what it might say about the state of the team heading into the Winter Meetings.

Chris Iannetta signing a good start, but Rockies not yet done with catcher position | BSN Rockies

With his on-base skills and veteran savvy, Iannetta should generally be met with positive reviews upon his return to Colorado. Rich Allen offers a different perspective here, arguing that the Rockies still need to make another move to strengthen the catcher position.

Larry Walker Week

Here’s a look at our week dedicated to why Walker should be in the Hall of Fame, in case you missed it or want to revisit it.

The one big difference between Larry Walker and these 3 Hall of Fame talents - looking at how Walker stacks up to guys who are already in or who will get in.

Larry Walker’s 1997 MVP season embodies the all-around Hall of Fame player that he was - it’s always fun to remember just how great Walker was that season.

Larry Walker had a Hall of Fame personality - looking back at some of the amusing anecdotes and personality quirks from Walker’s career.

33 reasons why Larry Walker is worthy of the Hall of Fame - self-explanatory.

Guest posts from Earth Two: Larry Walker is already a Hall of Famer - also self explanatory.

Larry Walker belongs in the Hall of Fame - yes he does, and here’s an in-depth look at why.