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Rockies fans rank their favorite MLB teams

Here are the results from our FanPost poll last week

84th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last Friday we asked you, our valued Purple Row community, to rank all 30 MLB teams from most favorite to most loathed in an occasional series we’re going to call FanPost Friday. We had a total of 23 community members participate in the poll; you can go to the FanPosts section to see people’s complete ballots, along with their reasoning. A special shoutout to all the self-proclaimed lurkers who jumped into the fray by posting your list. Thank you!

What I’ve done is taken all the ballots and assigned rankings to each team, 30 points for first place, 29 for second, and all the way down to 1 point for last place. Here are the results, with select comments from each ballot included. Spoiler alert: the Rockies received all 23 first place votes.

The Utter Hatred Tier

30. San Francisco Giants

There’s almost too much to say, so I’ll let you, the readers, say it for me:

“Their fans are annoying, their announcers are annoying, their park is annoying, their city is annoying. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.” - RoxRock4

“Firstly, the team itself is constructed of a group of human beings that don't even look like they should be able to win an intermural softball league let alone multiple world championships. I mean have you seen Hunter Pence?” - Radjoshcon

“The worst even with what seems like the coolest stadium. Their entitled fans, their broadcasters, their stadium announcer, the flying rats that come in about the 8th inning and they are still far and away the worst. The worst!” - WhiskeyDrinkingMan

“EVERY minor bit of adversity is evidence of a conspiracy or other foul play (and thus an excuse to whine INCESSANTLY) to these jerks. Even worse is that their media feeds it. Because, you know, those three rings in five seasons are totally symbols of the Man keeping you down or some stupidity like that.” - Paleface Destro

“Who else? From having Timmy accuse the Rockies of cheating whenever he'd lose to us, to Angel Pagan looking like a creepy Jesus cosplayer, to Bumgardner hating Fun and All Its Derivatives because he's a sore loser, playing in an overrated city where renting a broom closet requires the salary of a neuropathologist, who else could have possibly taken the title of Worst Team Ever?” - TheOtherManning

“I hate even numbered years. *checks birthdate of self, wife and children* Dammit.” - nkrause

29. Boston Red Sox

Apparently the fanbase is still (rightly) peeved over the 2007 World Series. The question is which came first: the negative disposition toward the team and its fans, or the World Series sweep?

“I have a soft spot for Boston, the city. I traveled there a bunch for work a couple years ago and the city is pretty neat. Their team on the other hand. I hope they never win again.” - Radjoshcon

“I’ll never forgive the Red Sox for 2007. Plain and simple. It’s unfortunate that I live here now and have to suffer through the insufferable New Englanders and another potential Patriots championship, but there you go.” - Isaac Marks

“Mostly just for 2007, and teams from New England and Boston have had way too much success.” - Rocky Mountain Way

28. Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s probably appropriate that the Dodgers fall evenly between the Giants and the (spoiler) Yankees, as they combine the division rivalry and recent success of the Giants with the big money swashbuckling of the Yankees.

“I hate that they’re good and in our division but watching Kershaw work is always fun and Vin Scully was always a treat. But they’re the enemy.” - Isaac Marks

“I really dislike teams that try to buy wins with big budgets, and between my negative interactions with Dodgers fans, and the fact that the Dodgers are in the same division as the Rockies, they are easily my most hated team.” - Road2Rocktober

“Dodgers fans seem to relish the opportunity to be as obnoxious as possible when they are at Coors Field. I’ve seen grown men threaten children who happen to be rooting for the home team. While I’m sure good Dodger fans exist, they seem to be an endangered species.” - Rockuary

27. Atlanta Braves

These are the consensus bottom of the barrell teams for Rockies fans. Consider: the gap between the Braves and the No. 24 team is greater than the gap between the No. 24 team and the No. 17 team. I thought I would see more about the 1995 playoff series.

“Stupid Tomahawk chop, stupid Ted Turner, stupid 28" wide plate for their best pitchers, stupid humidity, stupid Chipper Jones.” - WhiskeyDrinkingMan

“Atlanta is by far the worst sports town in the country, and the bandwagon for this team is no exception.” - Paleface Destro

“In an era of limited baseball coverage (early 90's) a team that not only dominated the Rockies but dominated the cable waves was annoying to me, much the same way the local (Colorado) football team is today.” - jrockies

26. Philadelphia Phillies

Once again, playoff heartbreak seems to be the name of the game at the bottom of this list:

“Sweeping them in the '07 divisional doesn't make up for Rollins somehow beating Holliday out for the MVP award. That was some bull crap.” - tristan.boyce.1

“These fans would boo their own mothers” - Paleface Destro

“It has always annoyed me how much their power hitters have been gushed over in the media even though they play in such a tiny stadium; while all Rockies hitters are immediately ignored because of their environs.” - Rockuary

25. New York Yankees

The team that everyone loves to hate. The Evil Empire from the Bronx inspires a lot of ire, especially considering the Rockies are 9-10 against them all time. Though, the Yankees hatred seemd to be almost axiomatic.

“Do I need a reason?” - tristan.boyce.1

“No doubt there's lots of history. It's not even their fault why I don't really like them but every bad manager I have had at a job site just also happened to be a Yankee’s fan.” - photomatte

“Constantly in the news, in the highlights, and winning. As a fan of the Rockies I am jealous of what the Yankees fans get to have.” - jrockies

The Angry Annoyance Tier

24. Chicago Cubs

While there were a few people who put the Cubs high on their list, they were mostly down here toward the bottom. This one surprised me, to be honest, because, like many of you born before Denver had an MLB franchise, I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN. I would imagine that, which a larger sample, they might be higher because of that, but, as we see from your comments, that fact has a dark side:

“This is a recent slide. I used to like them a lot more but interactions with their fans since the end of 2015 have been less than pleasant.” - RoxRock4

“It seemed like Cubs fans thought they were the underdog in the World Series even though they won over 100 games.” - AlexL927814

“A team that's received so much attention for their deep "lovable loser" history and Bartman all of which is just nauseating, plus their fans!...and now they are WS champs...just great.” - Rocky Mountain Way

23. Miami Marlins

There seems to be little love lost between Rockies fans and their expansion brethren. If it’s because of the owner (as it is for many), there is hope on the horizon.

Jose Fernandez catching that ball Tulo hit is one of my favorite baseball moments. Dee Gordon hitting a home run for Jose Fernandez is up there too. I don’t know much about this team but I’m so sad about Fernandez.” - bix783783

“Makes me sick that the expansion sibling has two WS championships while the Rockies were swept in the Series once. Marlins owners, you suck guys.” - nkrause

“They don't draw fans and their ballparks look empty, even the brand new one. They've had some good players but nothing really stands out. People, go support your team.” - jrockies

22. Arizona Diamondbacks

There are a few who have a soft spot for our divisional little brothers. But Eric Byrnes seemed to destroy most of that goodwill. What goes around comes around, Eric.

“As a fan why are you going to a Pool party at a baseball game? What is up with that?” - Arimaris

“The D-Backs were founded in 1998 and won the World Series in 2001, forever putting them in the "need to hate them solely because they won first" category.” - Isaac Marks

“I like to think the Rockies do have rivalries with their division-mates that aren't in SF and LA. Obviously, the super fraud 2007 Diamondbacks winning the division with a freaking minus 20 run differential is something I'm still bitter about.” - ESterps08

21. San Diego Padres

Since PETCO Park is pretty much the Upside Down version of Coors Field and we watch nine games a year there, this is probably understandable.

“Cool stadium now, oldschool Taco Bell uni’s, had some great players back in the day—Winfield, Gwynn, Hoffman, etc” - WhiskeyDrinkingMan

“I wish they'd go back to the brown and yellow. Everything is boring. And if you don't like Tony Gwynn, then get out of America.” - tristan.boyce.1

“I bet if they were actually good more than one season at a time, I'd like them a lot less. Matt Holliday was ruled to have touched home plate.” - ESterps08

20. St Louis Cardinals

Some might say they are the Midwestern version of the Evil Empire: they seem to always be winning, but they’re just so nice about it with their backhanded smugness that you end up hating them for it. Some might say that. I’m not. Surprising fun fact: they received three second-place votes, tied for the most in the rankings.

“The whole Best Fans In Baseball(TM) schtick may be the most overblown and undeserved thing in the league. Get off your high horses.” - Paleface Destro

“I think twitter overplays the BFIB gimmick, and they get some points for repeatedly beating teams I like less than them, but I would like them to be bad for a few seasons.” - ESterps08

“Honestly, I don't like the Cardinals because they are just too good and tend to make the Rockies look bad, which historically hasn't been a hard thing to do. They can afford the big-time players, they develop young players well, and are a model of what I want the Rockies to become.” Road2Rocktober

The Apathy Tier

19. Milwaukee Brewers

Seeing as we seem to face them every Opening Week series, you’d think there would be a “familiarity breeds contempt” vibe going on here. But no. It’s proof that the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

“I don't like the Brewers' uniforms. They are bland and I'm not a fan of the their color scheme. Otherwise, I don't have much against them.” - Road2Rocktober

“Meh. They're there. They gave us Robin Yount, yet also Bud Selig and Ryan Braun. Don't worry, it's only 6 months until training camp.” - Paleface Destro

“Blah ballpark, blah unis, blah team.” - Perry

18. New York Mets

Not as successful as their cross-town rivals with none of the potentially-redeeming charm.

“Counter to the Yankees” - Tyler88

“There is something about the "second" teams in New York that I have a soft spot for, whether it’s the Mets, Jets or Islanders, since I feel that their fans are more genuine (albeit often just as annoying) than the fans of the Yankees, Giants or Rangers.” - Rockuary

“I like power arms and the Mets have a few. I also like that they aren't the other New York team.” - OakTreeStatus

17. Cincinnati Reds

Y’all didn’t have much to say about the Reds which, I get it; they’re easy to forget these days.

“I’m honestly not even sure what state Cincinnati is in, but their mascot Mr Baseball has a classic pornstache that I have to admire.” - bix783783

Joey Votto is the perfect ball player. He walks 100 times a year, slugs at a good rate, and is wasting away on the Reds as the 2nd-best Canadian born big leaguer.” - OakTreeStatus

16. Detroit Tigers

Our friends at Bless You Boys would be at least moderately disappointed.

“This is… a team? With… players?” - bix783783

“We're well into the gray "meh" area here. Detroit could use some good in its life.” - Paleface Destro

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Tier

15. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Guys, they have Mike Trout.

“Sure, this seems about right. Not really holding any strong feelings about them either way.” - Arimaris

Mike Trout is cool, but otherwise I don't actually know much about the Angels.” - Road2Rocktober

“Pretty meh, overall, but don't forget that they're American heroes for what they did in '02. That buys a whole lot of grace.” - Paleface Destro

14. Chicago White Sox

See: Mets, New York

“Disco Demolition Night! They have 3 minor league teams here in NC, so I see a lot of their prospects. (I did not like getting beer thrown at me at a Charlotte Knights game. At least give me a heads up so I can have my cup ready, those things are expensive man.” - photomatte

“Confession time: I enjoy Hawk, a lot. He's not good, but he's lovably goofy. Also, this team gets really short shrift having to share a city with the Cubs, even though they've been at least as successful.” - Paleface Destro

13. Kansas City Royals

There was a time when baseball aficionados from the Rocky Mountain region would make the 9-10 hour drive—through Kansas, no less—just to watch a Major League Baseball game. Now, we seem to pay them nary a passing thought.

“I worked for the Royals AAA team in Omaha and thus watched most of their WS Champ team come up through the system. Pretty surreal to see guys like Cain, Moustakas, and Hosmer go from our little field in Papillion to winning the World Series” - Radjoshcon

“Seeing this small market team have success in the last few years gave me hope for the Rox and a team to root for against the big money contenders.” - ColoradoZebo

“I usually stop for BBQ at Joe's or Arthur Bryant's. Fantastic park, too, other than the location, and the fans are super-friendly to a visitor wearing an enemy cap.” - Perry

12. Oakland Athletics

The “small-market” charm was enough to overcome the fact that they share a stadium and fan base with the much-hated Oakland Raiders. But Moneyball, I guess.

“Also, its hard to dislike the days when they had all the guys with the crazy mustaches and guys with names like Rollie Fingers.” - Road2Rocktober

“Never really cared about Oakland until I read Moneyball.” - tristan.boyce.1

“Also, their coliseum is horrible and other teams don't like playing there. Get them a new ball park or let them move.” - jrockies

“If you can get by the fact that most of their fans are also Raiders fans and play in the Raiders "stadium" then they're not so bad.” - Rocky Mountain Way

The “Sure, those guys are OK” Tier

11. Houston Astros

Could it be that Rockies fans see themselves in this franchise? Or maybe hope to see themselves in this franchise?

“The Astros and Pirates have always had a soft spot as fellow teams that have not won the World Series. The Bagwell/Biggio/Berkman trio was always exciting/terrifying to face and their new, young team is just as exciting.” - Isaac Marks

“The Astrodome was one of the worst venues in the world to watch anything…but those uniforms were amazing. And Nolan Ryan.” - WhiskeyDrinkingMan

10. Washington Nationals

The Nats actually had six top-five finishes, but enough people were apathetic it pulled them down the rankings

“My godmother was a fierce fan of this team. She died after a short battle with cancer the night they were eliminated from the playoffs in 2012. I’m not sure what time she died exactly, but I hope in my heart that she still thought they were going to win when she passed.” - bix783783

“Would have rated higher if they were still the Expos” - WhiskeyDrinkingMan

9. Minnesota Twins

When you poach a lot of their former biggest stars (Michael Cuddyer, Justin Morneau), apparently you just absorb some secondary fandom. That, or maybe there is some commiseration about being in a similar geographically forgotten cold weather area.

“Shout out to my Dad here. He always rooted for the Twins.” - Arimaris

“Their stadium is unlike any other I have been to. It feels like it got dropped right in the middle of downtown and must have the smallest footprint of any MLB stadium. Also cool that you can get right off of the train and be right outside the gate. The team is alright too I guess.” - Radjoshcon

“Growing up in Minneapolis created an affinity for the Twins and a hatred for the pale hose.” - Powerslave777

8. Tampa Bay Rays

There seems to be some appreciation for the plucky underdog team forced to compete in a division of big market behemoths. The fact that they found a lot of success taking down those teams ranked No. 29 and No. 26 on this list for a while probably helps. They were listed as the second favorite on seven ballots, the second most of any team.

“I definitely have a soft spot for Evan Longoria and want every single pitcher that the Rays will inevitably want to trade (I’m looking at you, Chris Archer) and will always thank them for German Marquez. The Rays are my second favorite team.” - Isaac Marks

“I sympathize for a lot of teams that suck, but Tampa Bay killed us this year. However, I still like that team and their rising stars, not to mention they have a sick logo. Also, Corey Dickerson.” - AlexL927814

Tie-6. Texas Rangers

Coloradans notoriously have a bit of a rivalry with the state of Texas: they are the only state in the union with a populous that has greater pride in their state than Colorado (with apologies to California). So I was a bit surprised to find them so high on our list.

“I spent a couple of years in Texas and I was on their side in both their world series attempts. I want them to win something dang it.” - RoxRock4

“Freshman roommate was a big fan.” -Radjoshcon

Tie-6. Seattle Mariners

Coming into this experiment, I thought that the Mariners would place high—even higher than this—on our rankings. They are the team of Ken Griffey Jr, every 90’s kid’s favorite player not from their favorite team. How many of us had one of, if not all, of his video games? This wasn’t the last surprise in the rankings.

“Everybody loved to watch The Kid, and I'm no exception. Also, I really liked The Big Unit. King Felix is fun to watch now, and I like the teal in their uniforms.” - tristan.boyce.1

“The AL version of us except arguably more historically inept. Would we rather the Rockies just never win 95 games, or win 115 games and not even go to the world series. Holy crap, that's rough.” - ESterps08

The Second Favorites

5. Cleveland Indians

Honestly, I was quite surprised by this. Then I remembered October and that everpresent small-market connection.

“Cheered for them in the last World Series. Felt bad that their fans got crowded out of their own park.” - RoxRock4

“I like to think the Indians are the Rockies of the American League. They are a smaller market team that gets a lot less love than they should, and they historically haven't been very good.” - Road2Rocktober

“What's not to like Major League! I did not forget you Jobu!” - photomatte

4. Baltimore Orioles

Camden Yards seems to be the prevailing reason the Orioles made it this high on the list. It was the stadium that directly led to our beloved Coors Field, after all.

“Gotta root for any team that's in the same division as the 2 disgustingly rich and obnoxious clubs” - TheOtherManning

“Camden Yards is amazing!” - SamCampfield

“My AL team. I grew to enjoy them while I was living in the Baltimore area after I graduated from college. They were trbl then. It didn't matter.” - Paleface Destro

3. Pittsburgh Pirates

Say hello to Purple Row’s favorite non-Rockies National League team! Like the next team on this list, there is a pretty clear connection.

“Mostly because I like Clint Hurdle. Also a team that hasn't won big in a while but is looking good.” - Radjoshcon

“Clint Hurdle is their manager. Clint Hurdle took the Rockies to Rocktober. I love that big tomato of a man.” - bix783783

“Another small market team worth rooting for, especially with Hurdle at the helm.” - ColoradoZebo

2. Toronto Blue Jays

A team in Canada is the second-favorite team for Purple Row readers? A team the Rockies have gone 7-11 against all time? A team that last won a World Series in the Rockies Inaugural season? I wonder what the connection is...

“TULO!” - SamCampfield

“Combination of wishing the best for Tulo and having a soft spot for the non-Yankee/Red Sox AL East teams.” - Radjoshcon

“I used to live in Toronto. Now Troy Tulowitzki does.” - bix783783

“The Tulo love never stopped.” - ColoradoZebo

1. Colorado Rockies

Of course. Here’s what y’all had to say

“I still remember learning that we had a chance to have a professional team. I was thrilled because Baseball was just one of those sports I loved to watch. Now we had a chance to have a COLORADO team!” - Arimaris

“I moved to Colorado in 1991 at the age of 3. My dad wasn't a big baseball fan so when the Rockies came to town in 1993 we started to get into the sport. I grew up watching Rockies baseball and learning the nuances of the game with dad. From there my affinity for the baseball took off and I love the Rockies.” - jrockies

“The Rockies played their first game when I was 9 years old and I still remember watching the first game and how I’ve been hooked ever since.” - Rockuary

Thanks to everyone for participating in our FanPost poll! Be sure to let us know what you think about the rankings in the comment below. And be sure to participate in this week’s FanPost Friday!