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Rockies contention in 2017 could rely on depth

Rockies news, notes, and links for Friday, February 10.

Depth could determine Rockies success in 2017 |

Thomas Harding takes a look at the depth of the Rockies heading into the year, and takes a look at the moves the team made this offseason in an effort to improve that depth, as well as those returning from injury.

The glorious exit of Jeffrey Loria | Yahoo Sports

Jeff Passan celebrates the departure of Jeffrey Loria and has some strong words about the rumored sale of the Miami Marlins to Real Estate developer Charles Kushner. Passan goes into detail on all of Loria’s transgressions, and it’s well worth your time.

Purple Row FanPost poll

Adam Peterson will begin to calculate the results today, but if you’re super speedy, I bet you can still get a FanPost up with your rankings of the 30 major league teams in time for it to be included in the final rankings. Baseball, please come back soon.