MLB Teams Ranked

30 Boston Red Sox: Destroying my dreams of 2007 when I was convinced the Colorado Rockies were going to cure cancer, stop Osama Bin Laden, fix the hole in the ozone and win the World Series

29 Atlanta Braves: We R Still Mad at Chipper Jones

28 LA Dodgers: Just cause Dodger's Stadium is old doesn't mean it's cool

27 Arizona Diamond Backs: Ugly uniforms

26 San Fransisco Giants: Dynasties are great but when they are in your division it's tough, and Tim Lincecum complains:

25 Milwaukee Brewers: Cool old logo. Bad new one. Biggest tool in sports Ryan Braun.

24 Chicago Cubs: Losing for over 100 years doesn't make you cool. It means your poorly ran.

23 St Louis Cardinals: We get it, you all like baseball

22 LA Angels of Anaheim: Wasting Mike Trout

21 Houston Astros: Only memory I have of them is Pujols jacking that ball to the moon against Lidge

20 New York Yankees: Drops much lower when ever Ronan Tynan sings "God Bless America"

19 Philadelphia Phillies: Huston Street blew it in 2009

18 Washington Nationals: Enjoyed them more in Montreal

17 Minnesota Twins: Worst commercials in Baseball:

16 Baltimore Orioles: Camden Yards is amazing!

15 New York Mets: Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

14 Oakland A's: Terrible ball park, shows how running an organization well matters

13 San Diego Padres: 22 Innings at Petco was one of the best nights ever!

12 Miami Marlins: 2003 Team that took down the Yankees was a lot of fun.

11 Cincinnati Reds: Small park=Bombs.

10 Chicago White Sox: Team in the shadow of the other always seems to have interesting stories coming out of it

9 Cleveland Indians: Albert Belle crushing Fernando Vina in 1996 got me hooked:

8 Toronto Blue Jays: TULO

7 Detroit Tigers: I know a lot of Michigan people, kinda rubbed off. Plus Miguel Cabrera can hit.

6 Seattle Mariners: Beautiful city, so many great players who left.

5 Pittsburgh Pirates: Sweet lids over the years:

4 Texas Rangers: Loved this team as a young guy (also had an ex-girlfriend who loved them)

3 Tampa Bay Rays: Team is fun to watch, well run, Trop is terrible but always want them to win

2 Kansas City Royals: My grandfather was from rural Kansas this was his team. Plus got them on the radio in way Eastern Colorado.

1 Colorado Rockies: I bleed Purple.

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