Best Baseball Experience

I apologize for the longevity of this post, but it's a good one, I can promise you that.

As a huge fan of Colorado, I can proudly say that I've pretty much been to every playoff game the Rockies have played since 2007. I saw Game 162, Game 163 later the next day, Game 3 of the NLDS a week later, Game 4 of the NLCS also later, and Game 3 of the World Series. That postseason run ultimately didn't have the results that any of us wanted, as the Evil Empire of the Northeast won. An awesome month of baseball nonetheless, but that was only my 2nd favorite period of being a baseball fan in games that I had attended. I think that you'll understand why the 2 games I saw are able to one-up that period of time. Just typing about all of those games makes me have a nostalgia attack. Anyways, the two games I saw that one-upped that whole month were: Games 1 & 2 of the 2016 World Series.

I'll explain how I was lucky enough to go and my mindset in October. My grandpa is from Ohio, and a lifelong Indians fan. Since we live in Colorado, the Rockies & Indians are pretty much 1a & 1b in his mind. Regardless, in June during the middle of the Tribe's huge winning streak, we were at a Father's Day lunch with my dad, uncle, and grandpa. Baseball happened to be on the TV in the restaurant. It was Texas vs St. Louis- I only remember that because I am a huge fan of St. Louis due to all my connections to that city. While we were watching baseball, my grandpa said that the Indians looked like contenders and asked my cousin & I if we would be interested in seeing them if they were able to make it to the World Series later in the year. Okay, now who would say no to that offer? Anyways, I didn't even think that they would be getting past the Royals in the Central (keep in mind KC was still the defending World Series champs). To be completely honest, I forgot about this offer until the Indians beat the Sox in the ALDS and my grandpa texted me saying "4 more wins until we go to Cleveland." I was puzzled at first and then I remembered "holy crap, I completely forgot!" It was like putting $1,000 in your pocket and completely forgetting about it for a while. And 4 months later, rediscovering it. The ALCS was a win-win for me this year. Either Tulo went to the Series or I went to the Series. Anyways, my dad happens to know somebody who works for the Marlins at their ticket box office. Since every team gets a ton of tickets to the World Series, my dad asked if we could use 5 of them for Games 1 & 2. It ended up being a guys trip- my cousin went, I went, my grandpa went, my dad went, and my uncle went. Anyways, the guy who worked at the box office told us that we would have to buy 5 tickets to all 4 games that were in Cleveland if we wanted 5 for games 1 & 2. Anyways, we got the tickets at face value. It was basically a trip that would've cost upwards of 10 grand if the Marlins didn't exist, so our family has a moral obligation to pull for them now. Anyways, we bought the tickets when Cleveland was up 3-0 on the Jays during the ALCA. Game 4 was a 5-1 Toronto victory and I was just thinking to myself that the Indians would blow the series. I turned on Game 5 which was the game where Bauer cut open his hand. I honestly fell asleep during that game, as it was immediately after school and I was exhausted after a long day. About 4 hours pass and my dad comes into my room telling me that we were one out away from going to the series. Tulowitzki made the final out, so I kind of felt bad for him, but I was so excited that I was going to get to see this team try to break a 68 year drought (originally the NLCS hadn't been decided). I have long hated the Chicago Cubs, but I was honestly pulling for the Cubs against the Dodgers because I knew that a Cubs-Indians would've been an extreme magnitude or a series. Game 6 of the NLCS rolls around and Clayton Kershaw does typical Clayton Kershaw October things. The stage was set for the series, and I was ready to yell "let's Go Tribe" as loud as I could because I knew that diehard Chicago fans would be in Cleveland for a chance to see something rarer than watching Weiss make a good bullpen decision.

Day 1

The night before we went to Cleveland, I went to Houston @ Denver with my friend. We had an awesome time, Denver won, and I went to bed at 11 PM despite having to wake up at 5 AM the next day. I go to bed, wake up, my grandpa picks up my dad & I to drive us to the Airport. My cousin & uncle meet us there and we got on our plane to Cleveland to see the Series. We landed at about 3 PM. The Cavs were also raising the banner in Cleveland that night, and a hotel in downtown Cleveland was $700 for a single room. We checked into a Motel 6 in the town my grandpa grew up in (Berea), which the rest of us questioned, but we knew that the town of Berea was very sentimental to him. We ate at Five Guys and headed to the stadium at about 5 PM. We saw a Cubs fan waving a "W" flag outside of the same Motel 6 we were at. We figured to get out of there before somebody shot him. We headed down to the stadium and we wanted to chill inside of a restaurant before game time, but it was packed hats to asses with the Indians playing in the series and the Cavs raising the banner in the same night, so we just figured "screw it" and went inside the stadium. I got a hot dog from the concession stand which fell through the bun, which is exactly what I would expect a Cleveland hot dog to do. Before the game, there were these obnoxious Cubs fans behind us who were purely delusional. Fowler was the lead off man in the 1st game, and my cousin and I were actually clapping for him when he came up because we loved him in Colorado. Kluber hit the corners really well in the first inning and struck out the first 3 batters. Indians up to bat now, Lester got out the first 2 relatively easily but then struggled a bit after allowing a hit to Lindor. Lester walked the next 2 batters which loaded the bases for Jose Ramirez. Jose Ramirez hit the ball so soft down the 3rd base line that it literally could've been considered a perfect bunt single. Lindor scores. Bases still loaded for Brandon Guyer, he gets hit by Lester and the game is 2-0. Nothing really happens afterwards. Kluber is just lights out. I can't remember which inning, but a guy named Roberto Perez who we had no clue about hit a home run to make it 3-0. Nothing really happened until then 7th inning. Kluber gets taken out after doing amazing. In comes the lefty, Andrew Miller. Gives up two hits and a walk and the bases were loaded. Miller works his way out of it, and it's 3-2 with 2 outs on David Ross. I whisper to my cousin "the place will go f*cking nuts if Miller strikes him out." Miller strikes him out, and exactly the reaction from the crowd you'd expect happened. Roberto Perez hit another home run to seal the deal for the Tribe, 6-0.

Day 2

We get up next morning, go to Bob Evans for lunch, stay in the hotel until about 4 or 5 and then head down to the Jake. Different result this game, as Jake Arrieta threw one of the ugliest no hitters up until the 6th inning when an Indians player that i don't remember broke it up. It honestly was way less eventful than the first day.

We woke up the next day after Game 2 and headed back to Denver. I walked into science class and people were so jealous that I got to see those 2 games.

I wasn't happy with the result of the series but I felt nothing but joy for the city of Chicago and their fans. We gave Game 7 tickets to our cousins in Ohio, who are all big Indians fans. They said that it was very special to experience a game like that, despite the outcome.

It it was truly a special trip, it'll only take the Rox winning one day to one-up that.

(I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes I did this at 11:00 PM on a Friday Night and on an iPad)

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