David Dahl vs Andrew Benintendi

As some of you here at Purple Row probably noticed Andrew Benintendi was recently named as the #1 MLB prospect. The Red Sox are reportedly to be so high on Benintendi that they refused to include him in the trade for ace Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale. Now the Red Sox ultimately did trade Yoan Moncada who is also a really good prospect (#2 among MLB prospects), but clearly the Red Sox valued Benintendi more when the Chris Sale trade went down.

While Benintendi is indeed a very fine player, I don't understand (short of rookie eligibility) why he is more highly regarded nationally than the Rockies own David Dahl. Both played primarily in left field during their 2016 MLB appearances. Both are considered five tool lefty hitting outfield players with the following scouting scores:

Benintendi: Hit=65, Power=55, Run=55, Arm=50, Field=60 and Overall=65

Dahl: Hit=60, Power=55, Run=60, Arm=55, Field=60 and Overall=55

In summary Dahl has the better power (trust me on this one), running and arm tools, while Benintendi has the better hit and overerall tools. How does that make any baseball sense what so ever?

Although admittedly using small sample sizes take a look at their 2016 MLB stats:

Benintendi: games=34, AB=105, HR=2, RBI=14, BB=10, SO=25, BA=.295, and OBP=.359

Dahl: games=63, AB=222, HR=7, RBI=24, BB=15, SO=59, BA=.316, and OBP=.359

Now I realize that David Dahl is three months older than Andrew Benintendi, plays half of his games at Coors Field, and is unfortunately no longer rookie eligible, however he is the better outfield defender at hopefully a more premium center field position, runs better, with a stronger arm, and looks to have more power than Benintendi. I'll ask this question again how does one premium tool (hit) make Andrew Benintendi a better overall outfield prospect than David Dahl?

Would you trade David Dahl straight up for the #1 MLB prospect Andrew Benintendi?

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