Best Baseball game(s) ever attended

Ya know, there are those special moments in life when it becomes so important that it is forever etched deep into your memory. There are a couple or 3 maybe 4 instances of this in my life.

#1: September 25th, 2010, Denver Colorado. My family and me were on a 2 day baseball filled trip for a weekend. The Rockies were playing the Giants and I must say that when the 1st pitch thrown was the start of the greatest baseball game I've ever seen. It was full of everything a baseball fan could want, home runs, incredible defense (one of the best catches I've ever seen live), extra innings, a player who went 5-5 and was a triple short of the cycle and a walk off (against one of the most hated Giants players of all time) by the one of the greatest Rockies (for now) to play for the team. Carlos Gonzalez made the catch here, and Tulo was the one with the walk off, here, this walk off was a double but I wish it would;ve been a triple because that would;ve given him his 2nd cycle in a Rockies uniform.

#2 2014, my sons final Little League game of the season. They were down 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning and the kids worked hard on getting on base and then win it on a walk off triple by one of the least offensive players on the team. Walks, hits and then the walk off hit was incredible. All the other games had finished and there was a nice crowd to watch the conclusion of the game. You could hear everyone cheering for their favorite team. It was so much fun since I was in the dugout as an assistant coach. The non hitting kid got a pitch that even my 76 year old grandma could hit and he made sure he didn't miss. He shot the ball down the left field line and it rolled all the way to the fence. The bases were loaded and he for sure cleared them out. Another reason why this game is so special is because my 13 year old son was playing catcher and he made sure the opposing team didn't get another run across. The opposing batter hit the ball hard back to the pitcher with a runner on 3rd with 2 outs and then the runner ran for home and Wyatt held his ground, the runner tried to blow him over but he made the tag for the out and that is when hsi team got to go to bat. If that run had been scored, odds are they wouldn't have won that game. That is when he truly knew that catcher was his natural position. After that point, he knew what he wanted to play and nothing was going to stop him. I saw a little boy become a baseball player that night and ever since then, nothing has slowed him down. Last year, he was the best catcher in his league, offensive and defensive wise. Offense, he had a .286/.666/.286/.952 slash, he an Runs Created (RC) metric of 19 in 13 games and a RC+ (includes SB) of 32 in 13 games. He had a Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) of 9 in 13 games. Granted, this is little league and there are crap ton of stolen bases but not with him. The other teams figured out they didn't want to run on him. But, when they would put another kid at catcher, the other teams would run all the time. Plus, he also picked 3 kids off at 1st base catching them sleeping after he got the pitch. I'm not sure how many strikeouts he got called because of his framing ability.

This is why the #2 game is so important to me. I saw my own child figure out what position he wanted to play and then mature as a player very quickly.

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