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Rockies jersey number changes include Alexi Amarista wearing No. 2

Clap-clap-clapclapclap-cla-cla-cla-clap ALEXI

As is the case every year, an influx of new faces on the Colorado Rockies’ roster will result in a few jersey number shake ups. This year, the most notable change will be Alexi Amarista wearing No. 2, which has been vacant since ex-Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in July 2015.

Amarista, while with the San Diego Padres, wore No. 5—a number that, of course, is taken by longtime Rox slugger Carlos Gonzalez. A couple of other numbers previously worn by Amarista—19 and 28—are also in use by notable stars on the Rockies’ roster for 2017. Amarista also once wore No. 4 while with the Los Angeles Angels. It doesn’t appear that number, which was taken by Nick Hundley last season, will be in use, at least to start the year. Regardless, there’s a new deuce in town.

Here are a few of the other changes, as reported by’s Thomas Harding:

Bud Black: No. 10 (from No. 20, which he was given when he was hired)

Ian Desmond: No. 20

Jordan Patterson: No. 72 (from No. 10) — can we call him “The Fridge?”

Greg Holland: No. 56

Steve Foster: No. 36 (from No. 56)

Chris Denorfia: No. 15

Mike Dunn: No. 38

We’ll probably find out later this week which numbers will occupy the jerseys of new coaching staff members Duane Espy, Jeff Salazar, Tony Diaz, Mike Redmond, and Ron Gideon.