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Everyone is excited about Rockies spring training starting

It’s spring time in Arizona.

The Colorado Rockies officially started spring training Tuesday with pitchers and catchers reporting. To make things official the Rockies even updated their Twitter avatar with a spring-appropriate one.

The most excited pitchers to report so far are two of the Rockies’ top pitching prospects.

They are far from the only ones there though; Rockies hitters appear just as ready to get baseball started as you are. While some of them are reporting early to get ready for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, the hitters who are already there include those who are simply excited to be playing baseball again.

For those of us who have an insatiable appetite for baseball after a long winter, Harding is doing his best to supply us with a steady stream of videos from Rockies hitters taking batting practice Tuesday morning. So far that list includes Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado, and Ian Desmond.