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FanPost Friday Recap: Rockies fans share their favorite in-game experiences

From Rockies games to Little League games, Purple Row have seen a lot of great games

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Last week, as a part of our new FanPost Friday series, we asked you, the Purple Row community, to tell us about the best baseball game you ever attended. I intentionally left “best” up to individual interpretation but suggested that it could be the most memorable, the most competitive, the highest quality, or the best quality time you had with someone else. It didn’t have to be a Rockies game, it just had to be a baseball game.

In all we received 7 submissions for this edition of FanPost Friday. There were a few Rockies games, but most of them seemed to hold personal significance for a reason outside of fandom for the Rockies.

I_Am_Marshall kicked us off with a short story about a Reds-Cardinals game in Cincinnati almost seven years ago. The game had some personal significance (first game with his future spouse), some historical significance (it was the annual Civil Rights Game), and it was an exciting game to boot!

As expected, Game 163 featured prominently and flickerbock shared the whole story, from how he got tickets while on his honeymoon to the experience of the game itself.

What seemed like hours later, the phone woke up and a new voicemail from Robert appeared. "Hey Mike. Robert again. I didn't hear from you so I just assumed you wanted to go and I got you a ticket. Call me when you can." That is a great friend.

OakTreeStatus told us about a random Red Sox-Mariners game in 2004 that was probably my favorite post this week and is a great example of what watching a tight back-and-forth affair next to a fan of the opposing squad can be like

He sat, completely motionless, hat in his hands and staring glassy-eyed across the sea of exuberance. I've never been so emotionally conflicted in my life as a fan, and I wavered between an "in your face!" and a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

For a brief history lesson, check out Perry’s post, including gems going back to 1965 in Cincinnati’s Crosley Field (two stadia ago)!

Before the game I saw Rose standing at the railing talking to some fans. My parents, bless them, encouraged terrified little kid me to go ask him for his autograph on a scorecard. Pete was in his 3rd season at the time, the first (of 15!) in which he would hit .300. I still have that scorecard.

For some recent history, Alex927814 recounts his incredible trip to a few recent games and why they actually surpass the experience of Rocktober 2007:

An awesome month of baseball nonetheless, but that was only my 2nd favorite period of being a baseball fan in games that I had attended. I think that you'll understand why the 2 games I saw are able to one-up that period of time. Just typing about all of those games makes me have a nostalgia attack. Anyways, the two games I saw that one-upped that whole month were: Games 1 & 2 of the 2016 World Series.

Just in case you thought we were all about the pros here, Roxman4Ever shared one Rockies game and one of his son’s Little League games, and David Brunning (aka dabruman23) shared his experience from when he was of Little League age seeing a pitchers dual in Yankee Stadium in 1978.

A baseball game is always a memorable experience. Batting practice, the smell and taste of a hot dog, the cry for peanuts and crackerjack, the 7th inning stretch and a lifetime of memories with family and friends all make baseball a wonderful experience.

The best game I ever saw was played on Sept. 4th, 1978. Louisiana Lightning struck Yankee Stadium in the form of Ron Guidry winning his 20th game in that magical season he went 25-3.

We did have at least a few Rockies games considered. Eric Garcia McKinley reminded us just what it was like to watch a game at pre-humidor Coors (“It was the MC Hammer pants of baseball games”). And CompUser entered what I had thought/hoped would be a popular choice by recounting the first MLB game in Denver.

Finally, evers44 skipped over several classic Rockies games to tell us about “the night my childhood dreams came true.”

I suffered through every 4th place finish throughout my childhood, brushing off the taunts of my Met fans friends, and waiting for the day something remotely decent would occur for my beloved Pinstripers.

It sounds like alternative history but it’s true, you can look it up. Or, better yet, read evers44’s account of one game in 1976.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Be sure to check out this week’s FanPost Friday and start your next FanPost today!