ST tips from sdcarp

I've been 5 of the last 7 years. That included a trip to Tucson before the SRF days. Here's what I've got (in no particular order):

1. Go to all the Parks - not just SRF. They're all fantastic. I'm still missing Surprise and the new Cubs facility. I'll knock one of those out next weekend.

2. Related to #1 - you don't have to plan your trip for Rockies "home" games. It just doesn't matter. You can see them anywhere.

3. I'm a "back-fields" guy. I typically show up at 9:30. Access varies. For example - last year I could go anywhere at the A's complex in Mesa, and almost anywhere at the Reds complex in Goodyear. But, on the Indians side at Goodyear, access was a little more restricted.

4. Be cool on the backfields. Don't seek autographs. Last year at Goodyear - I had a conversation with Reds legend Eric Davis simply because I was the only person around NOT seeking his autograph. So he said hello and struck up a conversation just to get away from the autograph hounds.

5. Later in Spring, you can catch an afternoon game and an evening game on the same day.

6. The Brewers do the sausage race at Maryvale.

7. The airplane graveyard adjacent the Park in Goodyear is super-cool.

8. The A's (in true northern California fashion) have wine vendors.

9. Sun Tan Brewing and Desert Eagle Brewing in Phoenix are excellent.

10. Skip the Emergency Room at St Josephs (or anywhere else for that matter). I lost a night and day of ST to St Jo's and a kidney stone last year.

11. If you're into cycling, go down to Tucson and ride Mt. Lemon.

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