A few Spring Training Thoughts

I've been to Spring Training at Tucson and then Phoenix about 20 times since the Rockies first started playing ball.

Here are a few thoughts and observations:

- There's a lot of action on the practice fields. Not only with up-and-coming minor leaguers, but often guys on the major league roster will join in, especially the pitchers, especially on dates when Rockies have away games. Hanging out among the practice fields is my favorite thing to do. I once spent an hour watching Tulo and a couple other guys -- and hardly anyone else -- take batting practice and casual fielding practice for about an hour one afternoon when the Rox were playing a game in another part of town.

- You can sometimes get good day-of ticket deals in the morning when players return comp tickets they won't use that day.

- Unless you've got a strong back and you don't mind sitting in the hot sun, don't do the outfield berm. It's cheap, but I find it uncomfortable.

- Souvenir shops in Salt River stadium are outrageously expensive.

- If you've got time, spend a day at Sabino Canyon park, just northeast of Tucson. It's an oasis.

See you down there!

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