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Jen Ramos named Sonoma Stompers’ assistant GM

Ramos—a former Purple Row writer—will help run the team made famous by Sam Miller and Ben Lindbergh’s acclaimed book, “The Only Rule Is It Has To Work.”

The Sonoma Stompers—an independent professional baseball club in the Pacific Association—on Wednesday announced the hiring of Jen Ramos as the team’s assistant general manager.

Ramos, who served as a prospect writer at Purple Row for the past two seasons, is well-known in the baseball community for her diverse background and ability to view the game through many different types of lenses. Sonoma team president Theo Fightmaster cited those reasons and others for bringing Ramos into the fold.

From the Stompers’ press release:

“Jen comes to us highly regarded among her peers, and greatly respected by her references, several of whom I know and trust,” Fightmaster said. “She brings a wide array of skills, a positive mix of experiences—both professional and academically—and she’s seen the game from different angles; be it as a fan, a writer and an analyst.”

The Stompers were the subject of the New York Times Bestseller, The Only Rule Is It Has To Work, which details the experiences of baseball analysts Sam Miller and Ben Lindbergh, who ran the team’s baseball operations department during the 2015 season. The club is known for making ground-breaking personnel decisions, including becoming the first co-ed pro team to employ two female athletes since the 1950s.

On behalf of the entire Purple Row community, I’d like to extend the utmost congratulations to Jen, who was a valuable member of our staff and is a huge asset to the baseball community and industry as a whole.

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