FPF As Long as They are Changing Rules...

Can we go ahead and make it a balk when a lefty pitcher lifts his leg and then throws to first? The entire reason for calling balks is so that the pitcher can't "deceive the runner". Lifting your leg while not looking at first and then throwing over there seems like the very definition of deceiving the runner. Put another way, I've seen umpires call a balk and I have no idea why. Like, the pitcher will be just standing there getting ready to throw his next pitch and the ump cries out "balk!". I'm like "What? What was that for?" And of course there is no explanation forthcoming from the officials. Then I'll see a lefty pitcher look at the plate, lift his leg, cock his arm back, and then let if fly over to first and the umps don't say boo. *sigh* What?

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