Tradition is one of the many things that makes baseball great. There is a huge range of traditions within the game as well. From the legacy that players have left behind them, to the seventh inning stretch, to individual stadiums and teams having their own traditions.

There are many stadium / fan traditions that could be named, and numerous articles have been written. Such as this one, or this one, or even this. If you notice, Coors made the list on all three of those articles, due to our famous humidor. But this isn't really a tradition that the fans participate in.

The Yankee fans do Roll Call, Boston sings "Sweet Caroline", Cubbies have the 'Throw it Back' policy and 7th inning stretch', Nats have the Presidential Race, and so on and so on. Even College picks it up to some extent, such as this brutal tradition at Texas A&M (one of my favorite traditions personally).

Is there anything comparable to any of these at Coors? And if not... should we start one? What do you think?

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