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Purple Row’s FanPost poll: Rank your favorite MLB teams

A Purple Row community experiment

MLB: All Star Game Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 season will be the 25th season in Colorado Rockies history. That means that, for many in this little corner of the internet, there was a time when we loved baseball despite no hometown team to hold our affections. And, with the Rockies having a poor run of seasons recently, many of us have looked to other teams to carry our rooting interests. In short, many of us hold love for other teams other than the boys in purple.

And so, inspired by our siblings, Twinkie Town and Bleed Cubbie Blue, we decided to pose the question to you:

Who are your favorite MLB teams?

The challenge here is to be thorough. We want you to rank all 30 MLB teams from most favorite to least favorite. Don’t put “1. Rockies, 2. Rockies, 3. Rockies...” and so on. Don’t rank your first three, put everyone else in a tie for fourth and then put the Giants last (feel free to put the Giants last, though). Put in order every single team, from first to last, and give reasons why you put each team where you did.

Your reasons can be your own. Is Seattle your favorite place to visit? Was your mom a big Royals fan growing up before the Rockies came to Denver? Do you just hate the Reds with every fiber of your being? It is completely up to you.

Once you have them all ranked, write up a FanPost. Given enough participation, we’ll compile all the results and come up with a definitive ranking of Purple Row’s favorite (and least favorite) teams in baseball.

Hopefully this will help us pass the time between now and the first games of spring training, which are still 23 days away.

Start your FanPost today!