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MLB releases 2017 Spring Training gear

Meet the new Spring Training hats, (almost) the same as the old Spring Training hats.

On Friday Major League Baseball released all the uniforms for this year’s Spring Training (which is, apparently, now a Capitalized Thing). This comes as part of the annual merchandise grab for MLB but if we can get some fresh looks on the field out of it I won’t complain. Alas, there’s not that much different about the Rockies’ uniforms.

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference compared to last year’s spring training (not capitalized) gear. The hat seems to be mostly the same, save for swapping the AZ shield to the side opposite the traditional spot for the New Era logo. However, we can now be confident that there will forever be a uniform shade of purple across all brands, which will solve the problem of some merchandise being too blue and others being too bright.

Regardless, we can all be thankful that these uniforms are not as bad as the Tigers’.