The totally spectacular list of teams that is 100% more right than yours!

Here is my uber-creative ranking of all MLB teams.

1. Rockies-duh

2. Cardinals- My dad likes them, so I do too.

3. Cubs- They dropped a spot after the annoying fans this year

4. Blue Jays- Tulo mostly, also Canada

5. Indians- Mainly from this year's playoffs, they seem cool

I don't have very strong feelings for for the rest but i went through the process of if Blank were playing blank who would I want to win. Make sense?

6. Orioles- They won't trade Kevin Gausmen to us

7. Mets- Counter to the Yankees

8. Nationals- Probably overpaid for Eaton

9. Astros- Space and stuff, thanks for lyles that went well

10. Diamondbacks- Grenke, he is the first thing that comes to mind

11. Reds- Cool stadium, get tired of hearing about Walt every time we play there

12. Pirates- They are nowhere near an ocean, How are they Pirates?

13. Rangers- Army

14. A's- Go Alphabets!

15. Twins- .....

16. Phillies- Don't care ether way

17. Rays- The Rookie was a cool movie, somewhat

18. Mariners- I always want to call them the Florida Mariners.

19. Padres- They are going to be the worst in baseball next year, and I don't like PetCo park

20. White Sox- They got a haul this offseason

21. Angels- Iannetta is about it

22. Braves- We can't beat these guys for some reason

23. Red sox- Yuck but yankee fans don't like them

These are the teams I definitely don't like.

24. Tigers- I really don't like them, or Detroit.

25. Brewers- Mostly Because The steroid issues with Braun.

26. Marlins- Why do they always beat us, basically a mirror of us and i don't like it.

27. Yankees- Same reasoning as the below Dodgers, I bet you can figure The reason out

28. Gints- Rude fans, Rivals, I hate their stadium and announcers. blah

29. Dodgers- Big spenders, trying to buy championships, yup you knew it

30. Royals- I live in southern Nebraska and I Hate Kansas. Kansas is the root of all evil. And yes I rooted for the gints to beat them in the series.

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