30 Teams Thing

1. Rockies - Obviously

2. Cardinals- I have lots of connections to St. Louis. My grandparents live there, most of my friends live there, and that ballpark is very nice. (I just don't buy into the whole "best fans in baseball thing)

3. Indians- I got to see Games 1 & 2 of the World Series live this year, and my grandpa who is 75 is from Ohio, so he's a lifelong Indian fan.

4. Blue Jays- Troy Tulowitzki factor.

5. Rays- I sympathize for a lot of teams that suck, but Tampa Bay killed us this year. However, I still like that team and their rising stars, not to mention they have a sick logo. Also, Corey Dickerson.

6. Astros- Altuve is a beast. He should've won MVP this year over Trout. He hit .376 on the road. I also like Springer & Correa.

7. Brewers- I hate Ryan Braun but I have no problems with the rest of the Brew Crew.

8. Nationals- Harper is an asshole, but all the other guys on the Nats are great people and great players. They're the Cincinnati Bengals of the MLB because of their choking though.

9. Angels- That team literally has nobody except for Mike Trout. I kind of feel bad for them.

10. Marlins- I wasn't exactly hit hard by Jose Fernandez's death, he's a great person, but I always get teary watching Dee Gordon's home run afterwards and the ceremony.

11. Tigers- I like Miguel Cabrera, but other than that I really don't have anything for/against this team.

12. Orioles- Zach Britton is a beast. I like teams that hit home runs, but so many of their fans think Arenado and Machado are on 2 completely different levels.

13. Yankees- I honestly don't hate this team because of how much they win. I hate all the media coverage that surrounds them. Regardless, this team will be very fun to watch because of all the prospects they have.

14. Rangers- That team is so flukey its unbelievable. I don't know how you finish with such a bad team ERA and win your division. Plus, where did all those Rangers fans at Coors Field in August come from? Anyways, I kind of feel bad because of how much this team chokes, but then again, maybe not.

15. Diamondbacks- They have given me much to cheer about as a Rockies fan. I have seen the Rockies play the Diamondbacks at Chase Field on 4 separate trips and I've never seen the Rox lose. Rockies vs Diamondbacks is always a slugfest. Plus, 2007 NLCS and Opening Day this year were some of my favorite moments of being a Rockies fan ever.

16. White Sox- This team will be fun to watch with all the prospects coming up, but their stadium is so ugly that it pisses me off.

17. Twins- Eh.

18. Mariners- Their city is very nice, their field is just way too dark.

19. Mets- Syndeergard & deGrom are awesome. The team is way too boring on offense.

20. Pirates- I've never met a Pirates fan, but their fans have a good showing at Coors Field. Regardless, McCutchen is overrated.

21. Padres- They give us quite a bit of trouble. Thank god Matt Kemp isn't with them anymore.

22. A's- Their stadium looks gross and their city is even worse.

23. Royals- I'm not gonna pretend like Ventura was my favorite player before he died. I hated him but I'd never wish death on anyone. This team just seems very self entitled. I like them a little bit more now that Moss is with them.

24, 25, & 26. Reds, Phillies, Braves- Honestly, all of these teams just suck and seem to have large redneck followings. Phillies is probably the worst team name in all of sports & I still don't like Huston Street for the 2009 NLDS.

27. Dodgers- This team always beats us, but I don't hate them. I know lots of Dodgers fans and I like their stadium. Their fanbase is like the Raiders fanbase in the NFL though.

28. Giants- I know a few Giants fans and honestly I would've rather had another 2 years of "even year, our year" bullshit rather than the Cubs winning.

29. Red Sox- Media market and obnoxious fanbase.

30. Cubs- My inner Cardinal fan is going to come out a lot here. The "W" flag has to be the most annoying thing ever. In Cleveland I was cheering hard for the Indians while I was at the World Series. I heard delusional comments from Cubs fans around me such as "Russell is better than Lindor." It seemed like Cubs fans thought they were the underdog in the World Series even though they won over 100 games. I hate Chicago sports (mainly just Blackhawks), parks around the league are filled with Cubs fans that were definitely 100% there before 2015.

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