Zebo's 30 MLB Team Rankings

1. Rockies! Best day of my life to this day is 10.1.07 and it'll take my wedding or the birth of a child or something to top it.

2. Cubs. My dad's whole side of the family is from Chicago and I've grown up following the north siders like they were my own team. Still waiting on my chance to catch a game at Wrigley. Seeing my family react to their championship was a priceless moment for me. Lastly, Joe Maddon is my favorite manager in the league by far.

3. Royals. Seeing this small market team have success in the last few years gave me hope for the Rox and a team to root for against the big money contenders. Also, KC has great barbecue.

4. Pirates. Another small market team worth rooting for, especially with Hurdle at the helm. Lower than the Royals because they're NL competitors.

5. Rays. I started following them (and discovering Joe Maddon's managerial style) when they played the Phillies in the championship a few years back. (I'm discovering a small market team trend here).

6. Blue Jays. The Tulo love never stopped.

7. Orioles. I love the way they compete against Boston and New York year in and year out. Also, points for orange-ness.

8. Astros. Fun young team, Keuchel is awesome and Altuve is a beast.

9. Rangers. Mostly because Beltre rules.

10. Padres. Top ten because they keep coming last in the NL West and that is highly commendable.

11. Indians. Would be higher except they blew it in the 07 ALCS and then Boston won a stupid world series at Coors Field. #neverforget

12. Angels. Fun team to watch, stadium experience leaves much to be desired. LA hospitality is real

13. White Sox. Saw a near-perfect Quintana game in Boston a few summers ago and have been a fan ever since.

14. Reds. A team in the NL that I don't actively dislike.

15. St. Louis Cardinals. Minus points for being the Cubs rival but the stadium experience is awesome. Everyone actually watches and cares about the game and I love that.

16. Boston Red Sox. EW except same vibe re: St. Louis. A game at Fenway is an epic pilgrimage through baseball history and was one of the coolest baseball experiences in my life.

17. A's. Moneyball is cool, minus points for being in Oakland. Ew.

18. Twins. Why not.

19. Phillies. 09 is unforgivable but I blame Huston Street more than Philly. Stadium experience is awesome, worth checking out.

20. Yankees. Media attention is extra annoying but it could be easier to root for them with an up and coming roster.

21. Mariners. No opinion really.

22. Tigers. Low because Detroit.

23. Nationals. They've had so many opportunities to win and blown all of them. Especially to LA. Hate that.

24. Brewers. Meh.

25. Marlins. No opinion really, but minus points for ugly logo, uniforms, and stadium.

26. Diamondbacks. Division rival, winning against them is fun. Ugly look is ugly.

27. Mets. Hate em.

28. Giants. YUCK.

29. Dodgers. Least favorite team in the NL West.

30. Braves. The tomahawk chop will never be more of a nuisance.

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