30 for 30: nkrause's rankings

Longtime lurker on the Row, I've decided to open my mouth and show you how unintelligent I really am. Disclaimer: It was easy to do the top three teams and then work my way back up from 30.

On with the rankings...

1. Rockies - ever since the inception of the ball club, something drew me to the purple and black. Still have an original white hat with CR logo and black bill.

2. A's - whenever I play MLB The Show, I cannot be the Rockies because I freak out when I cannot hit a home run with Tulo, Holliday, etc. So I choose my AL squad - the A's. I've been following them since the World Series sweep at the hands of the Cincinnati Reds. Big fan during the days of Chavez manning third.

3. Rays - another small market favorite of mine. The other team that I choose on the Show. Especially the year before the brand/color change when they played a series at Disney; the Show actually had them playing in a "Disney-like" ballpark. Blew my mind.

4. Indians - I rooted hard for these guys in 2016; something about keeping the Cubs' streak alive would have been cool. Oh, and there is a #1 Fan - Nick magnet of Chief Wahoo on my fridge.

5. Orioles - they should be lower on this list because Showalter didn't pitch Britton, but I really don't mind this team at all. After the Rays, it's really doesn't matter. Unless you get to the tier of hate.

6. White Sox - big fan of the World Series team that had no superstars and were overlooked by everyone this last season (great work, ESPN). Interesting characters played on that team -- Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Ozzie Guillen, Scott Podsednik. One of my brother's favorite team; don't mind them as much.

7. Nationals - they hold a high spot due to being the Expos at one point. I also had a season mode on the Show where I struck out Jimmy Rollins with Pudge Rodriguez in the 12th inning. Never forget.

8. Pirates - this team has grown on me recently. Hurdle found a home, Searage is a witch, and they have some exciting ball players. Flash the Z!

9. Mariners - liked selecting players such as Ichiro or Sasaki for fantasy baseball through early 2000's, wish they would have capitalized on the year when they won almost 120 games. Saw them play the A's in Oakland (the season when Griffey busted his wrist flying into the wall) and Oakland gave away "Griffey 24" hats. Weird.

10. Angels - I rooted like a madman for these guys in 2002 playoffs. Loved Erstad since he was punting and place kicking at Nebraska. Played as them on All Star Baseball 97 on the N64 (if you recall, Larry Walker graced that cover).

11. Blue Jays - I liked these guys a lot in the 80s and 90s (feel free to call me a bandwagon fan) but don't expect me to jump ship after the Tulo trade. Still a Rockies fan first. Best of luck to him.

12. Rangers - I don't necessarily like or hate these guys, but they could have done something against the Yankees in the late 90's. Or heck... won the 2011 World Series or something.

13. Twins - I did root for them in 1991 World Series. But they also had a pitcher who threw at Tulo and busted his hand that one season. So much for that year.

14. Reds - I really don't have a problem with the boys of the Queen City. I just don't care about them.

15. Astros - something about the Rockies playing in Houston always gave me negative feelings. Team might have been horrible, but they made the Rockies look worse. Thinking that four game "series" where they split two games in Denver and two games in Houston. Everyone was upset that the Rockies got the Astros during interleague play... and then went on to blow all four. Heh.

16. Braves - I used to be sick of this team because they always clogged the airwaves on my TV growing up (thanks a lot, TBS). But they've been terrible recently, which makes up a little for 1995. At least the Rockies won a game in that series.

17. Cardinals - another brother is a Cardinals fan, and I've taken a couple trips to Birdland for a game or two. Saw Ozzie Smith's 2000th hit and watch the Birds beat the Giants in a game that didn't have Pujols or Bonds in either line up. BOO.

18. Brewers - why do we have to play them at the start of the season almost every year it seems?

19. Tigers - only good thing to come out of the Tigers was Kate Upton's response to Verlander not winning the Cy Young this year.

20. Marlins - makes me sick that the expansion sibling has two WS championships while the Rockies were swept in the Series once. Marlins owners, you suck guys.

21. Padres - don't hate them as much as the rest of the West, but not a team that I would put in my top 20.

22. Dodgers - feels like the Rockies do well against the Doyers year in and year out. *checks record over last five years* Well, um... Doyers suck.

23. Mets - saw them play the Rockies during the inaugural season at Coors, when they were supposed to be lights out with Pulsipher, Wilson and Isringhausen. Rockies hit them around the yard (Dante big fly right away in the bottom of the first inning). Ritz did enough to get them the win. However, still not a big market club fan.

24. D-backs - I grew to dislike this team during the Boo-yrnes era. Saw them play the Rockies in a three game series during the '09 season, and it didn't help their cause. Still don't like Montero (now don't go and sign him, Bridich).

25. Royals - surprise! Although they are considered a local team, I do not follow or care for the local team. Ever since my buddy -- the ever vociferous Royals fan -- commented that the Rockies were terrible and won't do anything (the year was 2009), I've been against the cause since.

26. Yankees - longtime hatred for them. However, they are improving in my eyes.

27. Giants - should be lower, but we were told not to tie teams, correct? I hate even numbered years. *checks birthdate of self, wife and children* Dammit.

28. Phillies - see 2009.

29. Cubs - a solid member of the tier of hate; respect the hell out of them for winning, but still not a fan.

30. Red Sox - see 2007.

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