My 30-team ranking

Usually I just lurk here, but this looked fun, so here's my ranking:

1. Rockies -€” Well of course, this is a Rockies blog. I was living in Utah when the team started in '93 and gave the region a team, and I've lived in Colorado since '98, so they're my home team.

2. Cardinals -€” Should probably be 1a, although I've found in the last few years I tend to root for the Rox when they play each other, so I guess the Cards have slipped to #2. I've been a fan since I attended college in St. Louis in the 70s. And they were awful then, so it's not a case of front-running. I just really fell in love with the deep culture of baseball in the city.

3. Reds -€” My childhood team. Saw my first major league game at Crosley Field in 1965. Marge Schott drove me away in the 80s, they're more or less just another team to me now, but I have them at #3 for old times' sake.

4. Indians -€” the other team from my home state. Honestly I was barely aware of them growing up, our family was firmly Reds, except my brother who didn't care. He finally became a baseball fan when he was an adult, but went Indians, who were the much better team of the two at the time. So I (mildly) root for them for his sake. Fun and appealing ballpark to visit, too.

5. White Sox -€” I really really like the city of Chicago, I love to visit there, I'd love to be FROM there, it's an awesome place. I'm in no way a genuine fan of either of their teams, but I like them both, and the White Sox get the slightest edge for being so ignored compared to the Cubs. Kinda makes them more pure. Plus, Obama.

6. Cubs -€” If they keep winning and get obnoxious about it (see Red Sox) they might drop down the list, but for now I like them. I've been to Wrigley twice, once in the 70s and once 2 years ago, and had a fantastic experience both times. Walked into a bar across from the ballpark, wearing a Cardinals hat, and someone shoved a beer in my hand when I was about 2 steps inside the door.

7. Royals -€” The closest AL team to Colorado, I drive through KC on my way east to visit friends and family every year or two, and I love seeing the ballpark right next to the highway, although the location is a big minus if you actually attend a game there -€” there's nothing within walking distance except Denny's. I usually stop for BBQ at Joe's or Arthur Bryant's. Fantastic park, too, other than the location, and the fans are super-friendly to a visitor wearing an enemy cap.

8. Dodgers -€” for Vin, for Jackie Robinson, and for the great unis. Plus the fans on TrueBlueLA seem pretty nice when I lurk there.

9. Giants -€” I know, I know. What can I say? It looks like a fantastic park, and I love Hunter Pence. Buster Posey seems cool. Fans have been quite nice when I've interacted with them at Coors or in Arizona.

10. Mets -€” I've had friends who are Mets fans, their TV team of Cohen, Hernandez, and Darling is one of the best, and they hate the Yankees, which I can get behind.

11. Pirates -€” Hurdle, Cutch, Clemente, great unis, beautiful park. Would possibly rank higher if not for the fact that their fans are also Steelers fans.

12. Orioles -€” This is where we get into the neutral range. I don't really care about them one way or the other, but I really admired the 70s teams with the Robinsons, Palmer, et al., and managed by Earl. Liked the early 80s version with young Cal too. Tom Boswell wrote some great profiles of them, collected in his books, which everyone should read.

13. Tigers -€” okay, I guess. Nice unis. One of my big regrets is never making it to old Tiger Stadium.

14. Athletics -€” for Moneyball only, really.

15. Twins -€” my daughter went to college in St. Paul, and I had a pretty good time a couple of times at the Metrodome. But I've never really forgiven them for beating the Cards in '87, when they (maybe, possibly) cheated with the AC.

16. Padres -€” I could not possibly care less.

17. Mariners -€” I could not possibly care less.

18. Brewers -€” Blah ballpark, blah unis, blah team.

19. Phillies -€” Now we're edging into "dislike" territory. And I don't really know why, but I don't like them. Nice unis, but that's about it. Didn't care for the city the one time I visited. I really don't care for the whole east coast, really.

20. Angels -€” They and their fanbase have always seemed really soulless and suburban to me, being out in Orange County where they are. They've had some good teams, and obviously Trout is awesome, but I just don't care for them. As a Cards fan, I thank them for overpaying for Albert, though.

21. Red Sox -€” I kind of go back and forth on them, actually. Great unis, great ballpark, great history, I had a wonderful time going to a game there, wandering around the neighborhood, going into the bars, etc. But their 3 modern WS wins have each come vs. my #1 and #2 teams, I despise Schilling, and their fans, friendly enough on home turf, can be really obnoxious when they travel. I have to admire their passion, though. Like I say, I go back and forth.

22. Yankees -€” only this high because of their great history, great uniforms, and the fact that I've known a few genuine, New York-native fans I like. (As well as a few who have no earthly geographic reason for being Yankee fans.)

23. Blue Jays -€” I don't know why, really, but I've never liked them. Possibly it's the stupid domed, artificial turf ballpark.

24. D-backs -€” Crap uniforms, crap city. And swimming pools do NOT belong in ballparks.

25. Nationals -€” I have no explanation for this. I know a Nationals fan who I like, my daughter currently lives in DC and is at least a mild fan. But I can't stand them. It's not even Harper, I have no problem with him. Probably it's just my dislike of Washington as a city, apart from the museums etc. which are fantastic. Just don't like the vibe there.

26. Rangers -€” The Metroplex sucks, as does most of Texas (outside of Austin). Plus they're still tainted by Bush.

27. Astros -€” And Houston is even worse. I feel a little bad about this, because I lived in Austin for 10 years and knew loads of good Astros fans. I was quite fond of the mid-80s version myself, with Jose Cruz, Kevin Bass, Mike Scott, Terry Puhl, Craig Reynolds, Alan Ashby et al. But that was a long time ago, and I really dislike them now. I also hold a grudge for knocking the Cards out in 2005.

28. Rays -€” Nothing good about them at all. And I hate the deep south (note the location of teams 26-30).

29. Marlins -€” see Rays. Could actually switch places with the Rays, because at least they have cool unis.

30. Braves -€” Ugh. The Chop, the fans, the way they're abandoning a perfectly good and new ballpark to move to the ‘burbs (and away from black people). Greg Maddux was my favorite pitcher ever, and even that doesn't move them up. Skip Caray was a smarmy jerk. And the city of Atlanta is the pits. I'd as soon see them contracted.

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